Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Twitter Won't Tweet!

@wealthynelson is all messed up...

the last time I cleaned up some things on my laptop IE/removed cookies, deleted histories something on twitter went haywire and I have spent useless hours of my life retracing my path to try and ressurect twitter... I can tweet from my mobile device and other apps that talk TO twitter are up and running so i know it's once again operator error - something on the laptop wbut WHAT?

No matter WHAT I try I get error code 403 "forbidden" telling my I am not authorized or that the server understood but would not fulfill my request...

I am tired of being unfulfilled by Twitter! When I google it logs me right into my account but that is as far as I can go... I can read all about everything but I cannot interact. Any help out there for a tweetless chic?

Monday, August 2, 2010

Buffalo Gal Vintage Mad Men Photoshoot

At long last here are some of the photos inspired by the show, currently available for sale at Buffalo Gal Vintage. Find more when you 'like' Buffalo Gal on facebook!