Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I am up in the wee hours with nothing but the glory of the internet to keep me company, jamming to Lipps Inc. "Funkytown" and Kanye's "Goldigger" reflecting on a great day and all the blessings I am so lucky to receive each day (even if a solid 8 hours sleep is not one of them!).  First, for health (mine and others) without which the expansive enjoyment and quality of life would not be possible.  For getting back into the routine of yoga class...days later I can still feel that workout - it is so powerful for the body and so peaceful for the spirit.  Namaste to Lisa Abernathy at Yoga Village for sharing her love with the world.  Speaking of love, the VIP - love of my life, who somehow seems to enjoy me 99.9% of the time and tolerates with me even when I am at my worst (albeit a very small margin!) - thanks for making life fun, for taking care of me and our home, our haven't left for work yet and I miss you already.  For friends - old ones I've been re-establishing communications with after too long of an absence, and for new ones that have reinvigorated my life by sharing theirs with me.  And for someone who is possibly going to see this now that I know he's occasionally reading the blog (or being read to - how do you have the time for such homework I do not know) Mr. A. for your infinite patience and encouragement when I have none to offer myself (BIG HUG).  To everyone at Rungo for all the good humor they infuse into each day's teachings.  I'm a very lucky girl to have so much going right, to have the income and time to live my life the way I do.  The year of 40 is quickly approaching it's close, it has been a banner year and will be hard to outdo (but I will certainly give it a try).

Saturday, February 21, 2009

On my mind...

Many dear readers know that I started taking dance lessons a few months ago (because they are sick to death of hearing me talk about it ALL THE TIME, LIKE NOW).  Well, this week has left me feeling out of sorts, confused about where to head after considering my progress (or lack thereof!).  

When I started lessons I was focused on learning the foot patterns, and was told by more than one person I was hard to lead, so I refocused and now just try to feel the lead and follow and don't think about the I hear that I cannot dance the steps by myself (um, isn't this a partner dance, lead by the man?) so obviously I need to refocus again and find the balance between knowing the steps and waiting for them to be lead which is much more difficult for me than it sounds here in print.  I guess I am just not the type of girl who likes to wait....but this is where I am at.

Trouble looming ahead: there is a dance showcase coming up May 31st at the Rusty Pelican for which I have been practicing a Rumba routine, but I am reconsidering after dancing a Rumba this past Wednesday at a studio gathering - it felt absolutely stiff and TERRIBLE....and I am not so certain I want to do the showcase since I am so unhappy with my progress.  (Yes, I know this showcase is MONTHS AWAY and that which does not kill us makes us stronger, but how many hours do I want to put into rehearsing ONE dance routine when there is SO MUCH  to work on?) The studio thinks the solution is to do MORE public dancing, and not to let my desire for "perfection" to get in the way of that...each dance is one step on the journey....

I confide that in conducting my informal survey (asking everyone I see dancing anywhere) that anyone who looks decent on the dance floor admits to dancing a minimum of two years, and those who look great admit to a minimum of five....then there are those who try to tell you they just started and they have been dancing 20-40 years, have done competitions and may have even worked as an instructor (you can't make this stuff up! Cagey bastards!).  So I conceptualize the long road I am on...My instructor teases that I will wait the five years before wanting to let anyone see me dance.  Despite being accused of perfectionist tendencies (again, yes, a common theme - it must be true!) I do realize that whatever level I achieve  I will always be left feeling there is room for improvement - it just who I am.

When I started lessons it was not with the goal of performing in public.  I'm considering ditching the Bronze Program (technique focused) and going back to Social Ease (foot pattern focused - can you walk and talk at the same time?) which my instructor says would be a waste.  Despite (and because of) the fact I am paying for their expertise, I have a hard time listening to much anything they have to tell me since it feels like blowing smoke.....lessons are a sales transaction and are not inexpensive...

My instructor interprets this rebellion as a lack of motivation and confidence to which I say HA!...this has to be the first time in my life anyone has accused me of either - but I am open minded and introspective - could there be some truth to it?  I am not easily satisfied with my progress - will performing a Rumba in public venue or at a competition (as the studio suggests) really improve my ability or confidence?  Is there anything wrong with wanting to have achieve a level of personal satisfaction with one's abilities before sharing it with the public? 

Maybe you have experienced something similar in another field and can relate....I hope you will share your thoughts with me now....and if you know a good Rumba show tune send me the artist and title!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Stampfrancisco Blog Candy Giveaway!


Stampfrancisco is having a Blog Candy giveaway that you don't want to miss! Here's the link to their new blog:
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Friday, February 20th, 2009 - Swing Time! 1930's Theme Night at the Gulfport Casino Ballroom featuring hot swingin' jazz & blues by The...Blue Vipers of Brooklyn!

Everyone's encouraged to dress 1930's style, with prizes for the best costumes! The 1930's Theme Night starts with a Swing, Charleston & Big-Apple Dance Lesson, 8-9pm (no partner needed), and continues with live music & dancing, 9:00pm-12:30am. A Partner-Charleston Dance Contest happens at band intermission, with $100 Cash 1st Prize! All ages are welcome!
The Blue Vipers of Brooklyn are an exciting, original, and highly talented act that bring to life the hot swingin' jazz & blues reminiscent of 1930's New Orleans. The band met three years ago performing on the streets of New York City and quickly became a favorite of both New Yorkers and tourists from across the world. The band has become a staple of NYC radio shows, TV shows, concerts and festivals. They've received rave reviews from NYC's print media, and have recorded two CDs containing a jumpin' blend of original and traditional compositions. The band has won competitions including Battle of the Bands (May 2007) and Subway Idol (May 2007, Broadcast Live on FOX). They've even played at the world-famous Farm Aid 2007 concert for the likes of Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp, and Mayor Bloomberg. "The Blue Vipers of Brooklyn provided fantastic entertainment." --Willie Nelson, 6/11/2007
Swing Time is Florida's Premier Swing Event, held one Friday each month in Tampa Bay at the Gulfport Casino Ballroom. The Gulfport Casino is located in the St. Petersburg area at 5500 Shore Blvd. S., Gulfport FL 33707.

Live Music & Dancing w/ The Blue Vipers of Brooklyn, 9:00pm-12:30am
Swing / Charleston / Big-Apple Dance Lesson (no partner needed), 8-9pm
Partner-Charleston Dance Contest at Intermission -- $100 Cash 1st Prize!
1930's Attire Encouraged -- Prizes for Best Costumes!
All Ages & Smoke-Free
Exciting Social Atmosphere
Beautiful Vintage 1930's Waterfront Ballroom
Huge Floating-Wood Dance Floor
Prize Giveaways
Full Bar
$12 Admission includes Free Lesson; Free Parking

For more info, visit on the web.

I was tickled to be one of the human applause meters used to determine the winners of the costume and dance contests. Check the SwingTime! page for photos at a later date...

Friday, February 6, 2009


Please come meet me at Rungo on Wednesday March 4th, 2009 at 7:45 pm for the Champagne Guest Party.... for every six guests I earn 21 free lessons! sparkleNshine

It's free, there is no obligation, no high pressure sales tactics (I promise)!

No dance experience or partner is required, just the desire to come enjoy yourself and find out what I have been up to!

You will be up and dancing, laughing and having FUN - I guarantee it or your money back:) Plus you will get to see students and instructors dance.

Guests will have an opportunity to purchase 3 private lessons for only $25 dollars, but if you will come as my guest I will treat you to those if you decide you wanted to come back, so there is just no reason to stay at home... but an RSVP is required, so call the studio now to reserve a stop at my table!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009


Jules seems to feature at least one post per week showcasing her hubby's culinary feats that leave my mouth watering, my stomach growling, and send me racing to the pantry in search of something comparable and find only disappointment!

Well, I had a hankering for a meatloaf with grannies sauce that makes it and of course the best part is the leftovers.... so Jules, eat this!  It's home made herb bread...


And for the superbowl party I made twice baked stuffed potatoes....

bacon and cheddar or sour cream and scallion, mmm mmm mmm mmm mm!

Spring Art Auction in NYC - March 13, 20, 27

Save the Dates: Spring Auction - March 13, 20, 27

From: The Salmagundi Club
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Examples from Fall 2008 Auction

SCNY Spring Auction & Exhibition

Three Fridays at 8:00 pm: March 13, 20, & 27, 2009
Exhibition opens March 2 for preview
Gallery open to the public daily, weekdays 1-6 pm and weekends 1-5 pm

Eagerly anticipated, the semi-annual auctions at the Salmagundi Club consistently offer a variety of fine art by established and emerging artists. Quite possibly the best-kept secret in the New York art world, the auctions enable novice and experienced collectors to buy high quality fine art at affordable prices. A portion of sales benefit the Club, enabling it to offer art exhibitions, Artist Roundtables, art lectures and other events to the public. Bids start at $250 for original paintings, $150 for photography, and $400 for sculpture.

Come to one or all three evenings!

Attendees are invited to join us for dinner in the Dining Room prior to the Auctions.

Dinner served from 5:30 pm, last seating at 8:45 pm.
Bar opens at 5:00 pm, last call at 10:45 pm

For dinner reservations or more information, please call 212.255.7740 or send an email.

Salmagundi Club
47 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10003


Examples from Fall 2008 Auction