Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Opalescence Tooth Whitening by Sunset Smiles, Carole Medvesky DMD

Meet my gorgeous dancing friend Carole Medvesky, DMD. She operates Sunset Smiles on Sunset Point Road! Recently I started a tooth whitening with a new product, Opalescence, and decided to journal my progress here.

First I had a consultation and oral cancer screening with Carole. Next, custom impressions were made. A few days later I had a thorough cleaning (it makes sense to have a clean surface to start the process with and I LOVE having my teeth cleaned, that smooth feeling is wonderful!) and test fit my liners (they were perfect).

Carole explained the use and application of the product. We are using a 10% solution for a longer period of time for a slow but long lasting effect. The kit includes a gel solution in two canisters.

The syringe solution is placed into the liner and the liner can be worn overnight.
It is invisible when it is in. Upper and lower trays can be used simultaneously.

If you travel, you can easily take it all with you! Stay tuned for updates.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Know someone with a holiday party to attend this year who's looking to impress? Here's a sure way to do so!

My former dance pro has gone independent and has a great offer I have to share:
5 dance lessons for $199! Get up and boogie!

New (to him) students will receive personalized attention and instruction on a beautiful studio floor from a certified professional in a pressure free and fun atmosphere as they learn a new skill. Singles or Couples welcome. Female assistant available to partner with leaders if desired.

Gift Certificate available, Pay in full and complete lessons before 12-23-2010 with this offer. Call Troy at 727-723-5650 - don't delay, start today!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Widgits for PinUpLifestyle! Calendar Contest Voting now open!

In the column to the right you will find a link to PinUpLifestyle!
At this very moment there is a contest to select 13 pages for the 2011 calendar, and many great choices to choose from. You can vote for me in Seductive Innocence (and still have 9 other votes remaining) as photographed by lethal chopstick aka JP PhotoGrafitti! XOXO

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Here come the holidays!

It's time to get a JUMP on your holiday shopping so I have updated my LINKS on GIFTS YOU WILL LOVE GIVING and your recipients will love receiving...
Have a peek and let me know what you think!

Monday, September 20, 2010

JP Photo Graffiti

What an amazing experience I had this weekend with photographer Jane Perez and the other sex kittens! I URGE you to go to her page on facebook to LIKE it and see MORE! NOW - Go! HURRY!!!

These are a preview of photos that she took to enter a calendar contest on PinUpLifestyle, so please leave her comments on your faves and join PinUpLifestyle to see more and VOTE!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Shoe Bags for Dancers!

So one of my latest bursts of creativity has been to inspire the manufacture and sale of affordable, custom shoe bags. I am tired of paying good money for dance shoes only to be toting them around in a nasty disposable piece of weedstop with a shoelace. It actually dawned on me when I saw another rather stylish dancer/instructor (dancewithForrest.com) carrying a bag that was so unworthy of his style and class...he needed a bag that reflected him, Eureka!

Some exemlars were made up and shown around and we have improved upon the original by adding a key ring, fan for the ladies, and would like to add some much requested pockets on the next models. Lovely fabric grade and patter selection or have one made to go with you costume and WOW everyone wherever you go.

Photos are up on facebook - friend Cathy Nelson to see them - thanks!!!

A perfect gift for the dancer you know - one customer bought three!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Twitter Won't Tweet!

@wealthynelson is all messed up...

the last time I cleaned up some things on my laptop IE/removed cookies, deleted histories something on twitter went haywire and I have spent useless hours of my life retracing my path to try and ressurect twitter... I can tweet from my mobile device and other apps that talk TO twitter are up and running so i know it's once again operator error - something on the laptop wbut WHAT?

No matter WHAT I try I get error code 403 "forbidden" telling my I am not authorized or that the server understood but would not fulfill my request...

I am tired of being unfulfilled by Twitter! When I google twitter.com it logs me right into my account but that is as far as I can go... I can read all about everything but I cannot interact. Any help out there for a tweetless chic?

Monday, August 2, 2010

Buffalo Gal Vintage Mad Men Photoshoot

At long last here are some of the photos inspired by the show, currently available for sale at Buffalo Gal Vintage. Find more when you 'like' Buffalo Gal on facebook!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Pin Up Photo Shoot

I am super excited about doing a photo shoot imitating Mad Men's Christina Hendricks aka Joan Holland this coming Wednesday! Can you say VaVaVoom?

If you have not been to Buffalo Gal's shop - it is a MUST.
Buffalo Gal Vintage
1219 M.L.K. Jr. St. N.
St. Petersburg, Fl
727.290.VINT (8468)

Monday- Closed
Tuesday - Friday 11am- 7pm
Saturday- 11am-6pm
Sunday - 12pm - 4pm

In addition to selling pristine quality vintage and repro clothing, accessories and giftables she does pin up photography - schedule your session alone or with friends! I had the most fun ever working with James Ostrand (jamesostrand.com)

Friend Buffalo Gal on facebook NOW and you wont miss some of the snapshots of me the moment the post - xoxo!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Doin Crystal Proud

I have a friend who has so inspired me to take my thrift to the next level by using coupons more often and effectively. This girl is doing it right, she is getting paid to do her shopping. When she walks to the register the cashierist clucks her tounge (jealous) and my girl usually leave with a hundred in merchandise and money give back to her... it's pretty unimaginable but very possible. I am under tuteledge of the master and did some shopping today...

Here is what $.53 got me today at Staples:
3 Blistex with SPF
2 Rolodex leather card holders
1 box of 50 thank you cards on premium stock
(photo not yet uploaded)

Also, at Jo-Ann I found something that I had seen at Pink Petticoat and was able to purchase with my 40% off coupon: June Tailor Beautiful You Adhesive Strapless Cloth Bra

Thegirlguru's recommendation
"Ah cleavage. It's so sexy, and created with absolute ease with this kind of bra. The lack of straps gives you so many ways to wear it too so feel free to experiment! I must caution however that though it is washable and can be worn multiple times don't use it for everything. Also because it's basically a "sticker" bra getting sweaty during a good run at the dance club may affect how well it clings to your bits, so be cautious with intense physical activity. Otherwise it is awesome, feels great, and is wonderfully affordable-and nicely accentuates your "girls" :)"

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Because this is the closest you will probably ever get to seeing me in my unmentionables...

Last night I had a new first experience and got to share it with a couple of girlfriends. As you get older and if you have been challenging yourself, there tend to be fewer 'new' or 'first' experiences so it's always fun to break out of the routine and do something different. Thankfully the world is still a big enough place that I hope not to run out of new first experiences any time soon (I plan to live a long time and maintain a healthy sense of adventure.).

A friend had gone to a charitable function where she bid on a private party at a fine lingerie boutique in Tampa's Hyde Park: The Pink Petticoat operated by Lesley Geyer.

I was impressed with the sheer genius of the marketing of the party and gladly accepted the invitation (up to 10 for 2 hours of private shopping, complete with rereshments and decadent desserts, plus 20% discounted off any purchases that evening).

Bras and Panties don't take up a lot of room so this shop is able to stock quite a variety of beautiful and comfortable things to don. Amazingly they had my size in stock. Usually only Nordy's can do that and they are a big box store.

After trying on half the contents of the shop (you WILL want one of Everything) here's my score (for all you Divas and Drag queens that wanna copy my swagger):

All 7 of the deadly sins!

These Besty Johnson bras are flirty fun, affordable, and so well fitted!

The honeydew panty set looks outrageous on - and it was ON SALE! The set was $33.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Just not feeling it

I've been much neglecting my poor blog. A million excuses. But it's time to regroup!

First of all i need to decide if I should keep that wallpaper photo of myself up or not. I kinda like it because it is a marker for me, but it is no longer current....maybe that is not important?

My dancing hobby is undergoing a transformation and I am in a bit of limbo. I started taking Argentine Tango with Simone and absolutely love the dance, her technique and teaching methods. If you are looking to try something new I highly reccommend it!

More info about it on facebook:

JOIN ME TONITE: Thursday June 24th
Pan y Vino & Brick Oven Pizza ~ ORGANIC PIZZA~ SALAD ~ COFFEE ~ DESSERTS ~ WINE ~
369 Main Street Dunedin 34698
Local restaurant is donating a portion of the profits to send Central Church Youth Group to Camp!! Thanks to Javier and Tina!

This weekend:
FRIDAY@7PM Strictly Ballroom at the Conmy Center, 650 San Salvador Dr. Dunedin FL


Mary Murphy from So You Think You Can Dance and Max from Dancing with the Stars will be showing us what Ballroom Dancing is about!
Proceeds benefiting The Spring of Tampa bay & CASA .
Delicious food ~ Raffle ~ Ticket ~ $75/VIP Seat ~ $125
To purchase tickets contact Melissa:

On the summer horizion:
Raid Cathy's Closet - this is a party I throw at the house where everyone invited is asked to bring anything gently worn to exchange with other guests and everything left over gets donated to local charity of my choice. It's a great way to clear the closet each season. No one minds giving that expensive item they have only worn once to a bestie, but they usually have a hard time putting it in the donation pile and dropping it off at the charity themselves. The girls get together (all sizes and shapes) and mingle - a great way to introduce all the people you know to one another, and everyone leaves excited with their new found free items. And in this economy free aint bad.

I am encouraging you all to go out and support your local businesses, especially the little guys that you would miss if they were not around. Everyone I know who is self employed seems to be having a very difficult time. Pay cash rather than credit as the extra 3% is going to help.

Lastly a ballroom gown that I am trying to help a friend sell. Post for details, thanks!



Friday, March 12, 2010

Check out Sweetjane's Shop on Etsy!


Thank you so much for looking at my shop. If you are looking at my quilts, I take great pride in making high quality, beautiful quilts! I try very hard to line up all my corners and make my quilts straight and square.

I have won a few awards for my quilting, so rest assured you are getting a great item that will last a life time. If you are not satisfied with your quilt, you can send it back (within a week of receiving it)and I will refund the price of the quilt, no questions asked!

Something exciting recently happened to me...I was interviewed for Quilts & More magazine. They were writing an article about how to sell on Etsy,and they liked my quilts,so they interviewed me!! So hopefully I will be in their summer publication! I feel so lucky to be included in a magazine article, and hope this gets my name out a little more in the quilting world!

I will also do special orders, if you would like to tell me what colors you are interested in. Or you can pick out your own bundle of fabrics and I will make a quilt with them. It's fun looking at all of the color selections!

So thanks so much for looking at my quilts!

SweetJane on ETSY

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Charity Car Show - April 30, 2010

WHAT:   Annual Corvettes Anonymous, Mixed Car Show

WHEN: April 30, 2010 (Friday)

WHERE:   Steak & Shake – 2490 S.R. 580 (across from Countryside Mall)

WHY:       Car Show to benefit Clearwater Food Bank and Florida Gulf Coast Alzheimer’s Respite Care Services

Make it a night.  Come and see 100 plus cars whether you’re a car enthusiast or not.  Meet some new people.  Join the fun.

Purchase tickets for a chance to win one, or several gift baskets AND/OR 

Purchase 50/50 tickets – you get half the pot, and Alzheimer’s Respite Care gets the rest. 

100% of all money collected goes to charity!!!

Personal checks can be made payable to the underlined charity of your choice

Also, when you come, bring a bag of dried beans, or canned items for the food bank. 

For ease of parking:  Please park in the 5/3 Bank parking lot adjacent to Kohl’s

Pitch in - Volunteers for show gladly accepted

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Caladesi History Program


and hear the story of Myrtle Scharrer Betz (1895-1992) who was born there and experienced firsthand pioneer life with her parents on their 156 acre homestead. 

Both her parents, Henry and Catherine Scharrer, had emigrated from other countries so life on the island was a learning and discovery period for all.  An interesting program, entitled Caladesi Memories will  be presented by Myrtle’s granddaughter Terry Fortner on Saturday, February 20th, 2010, at the Clearwater Garden Club, 405 Seminole STREET (corner of North Fort Harrison Ave and Seminole St), in Clearwater.  Her talk will be accompanied by projected images of the authentic island homestead photos. 

Travel to school by paddling a boat?  When Myrtle reached the age of 87, she took the time to write about her memories of growing up on Caladesi.  These memoirs became

Yesteryear I Lived in Paradise, published in a revised third edition by University of Tampa Press and available now in a second 2009 printing.

Actually when Myrtle was first born, there was only one island, Hog Island.  The force of a strong storm in 1921 split it in two.  We now know the two islands as Caladesi Island and Honeymoon Island.  It gives us pride and a greater appreciation as we learn more of our local areas.  So mark your calendars for February 20th.  Coffee and light refreshments will be served at 9:30 AM, to be followed by the program.]

Friday, January 15, 2010

Have you ever been interested in learning another language?

Subject: ASL (American Sign Language) Classes @ the Library

Children’s Sign Language course: (Ages 5-12)
Mondays, Beginning Jan 25th, 4:00 pm
ASL crash course that includes Sign Language vocabulary, stories and crafts or activities for children.

Adult Beginners Sign Language:
Mondays, Beginning January 25th - 6:00 pm.
ASL crash course that includes basic Sign Language vocabulary, daily phrases and facts about the Deaf community and culture.

Adult Intermediate Sign Language:
Mondays, Beginning January 25th - 7:00 pm. 
ASL crash course that includes Conversational Sign Language, Stories, Songs and skits.
Call 724-1525 x120 for more information.  No registration required.  Sessions run for 15 weeks.

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