Saturday, September 27, 2008



I've been thinking this is the year to get a tattoo, something that I've always wanted to do but never could quite commit to the not so insignificant issues of where and what....

Readers please feel free to weigh in...

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In support of breast cancer awareness and Susan G. Komen Foundation, My Favorite Scrap Store - Ruban Rouge held a 2 day fundraising event which included a friday nite crop from 5- midnight with raffle prizes (I WON, I WON!) and a great project designed by Leah Fung, who is many things - a PhD, a wife, a mother, a chemist, a scrapbooker, a design team member for making memories and other manufacturers, an editor and Better Homes and Gardens scrapbooking magazine - and she herslef taught this wonderful project that I personalized in anticipation of adding some 10 year anniversary photos to this November.


if you liked this project and missed the fun - you can sign up for this cool class

xmas album

For more cool pics you can visit HERE or the store - hurry before it's too late!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

PSA Show

The recent PSA show included this donated pastel by my grandmother Ruth Stecher:

PSA eshibit

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The submissive....

At my last dance lesson I had a frank and open discussion with my instructor about what I knew about myself and how I thought I would learn best. I figured with his being younger and having just met me he might benefit from the 40 years of insight I gathered about myself. Being from NY himself and Italian to boot (at least that is how I attribute it - being from NY myself and living in close proximity to the same hood for a number of years), he had a theory all his own, which he shared with me:

the modern woman has a hard time being submissive and following the lead of the man, a requirement for a dance partner...

and he suggested I that I might not agree with him, but that I go home and think about it.

And that I did. I decided to arrive today with a new attitude, after all I AM PAYING HIM and for a young stud of 28 (sorry ladies, married if I have not mentioned that already) he has some keen insights into the ladies - probably from his years of experience working with them (the diff from the EVERYMAN here is he is actually LEARNING from his experience). So this babe (not THIS babe, the instructor) kind of shocked me (THIS babe) with how accurate this bold statement - drawn from his own personal experience- was.

I decided today I was not going to talk back, chime in, offer my 2 cents - unsolicited advice, what ever you want to call it. I was going to obey my master and see what I gathered from the experience. And you know what? It was my best dance lesson so far.

He wanted me to keep a connection with him, look into his eyes, and feel his lead with my body. So I did. And it WORKED! For the most part. And you know what, he said he enjoyed my 5 cents, or 25 cents gotta love a guy who puts a higher price on you than you value yourself!

So ladies (and gentlemen, they have some amazing female instructors who can teach you to lead) if you have ever thought of taking up dance, I highly encourage you!

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Disco Diva

I am so excited to have an old buddy from college coming to visit - we are counting the days (23) till we hit the clubs and burn up the dance floors and in that honor I have changed the playlist to some 80's disco.

Someone accused me of trying to bring the 80's back single handedly, however i showed them this morsel from the vast right winged fashion conspiracy:



Saturday, September 20, 2008

Liquid Lunch with the Personal Shopper


Today was a fun day. 

A couple weeks ago my friend *A* and I planned this day of shopping together to hunt for the perfect dress (and we did bag it, but she has asked me not to post it here yet and spoil the surprise) for her upcoming 20th reunion. 

We also found some slammin' accessories, but the perfect shoe evaded us to to *A*'s teeny tiny shoe size (e-shopping on Zappos tonite) and the perfect bag is at a location closer to my home (I will find it tomorrow) than hers where we were shopping today.  I do promise you a collage of 'the look" next week after it's unveiling on the red carpet.  What fun to pile on the glamour!

And while I can't dish about the fashion finds just yet, I can share the delish diva dining experience at The Wine Exchange, an old favorite that just relocated up the block to double the footprint.  They always have fresh, savory, well presented items paired with wine for you winos.  As many of you who know me better already know, I stick to the liquor (I have my reasons one, being that you must first buy me a drink before I will share them with you...). 

IMG_0004-5 IMG_0005-5

*A* had a pear and this was my Pomtini...after one of these you forget all about taking a photo of the cafe salad - assorted baby greens with hearts of palm and artichoke with a miso dressing and the delightful gnocchi (I <3 Carbs!) with sundried tomato....

Friday, September 19, 2008

Cat & Kitten

A few days ago I noticed a plethora of fluffy feathers in the front yard.  They were under a tree and they were all singular and some were quite downy so I was hoping that a bird had been preening but had a sneaky suspicion that a cat had something to do with it.

Sure enough on another day when I was returning home I spotted a cat at the front of my house, crouched by the garage door.  When I pulled in it ran off.  Then I did something atypical.  I went inside and got some dog food and brought it out in a recycle bin tray for the cat.

Normally I try not to interfere with mother nature, but I do enjoy the birds in my yard and would like not to see their populations diminished.  I figured if the cat was not hungry the birds would be just fine. 

And the cat was hungry.  Very little left of a cup of dry kibble.  And of course a day or two later the cat is back, now close to the foyer, on my front walk.  So this time I put out some moist food.  Seeing the cat close up, I could see how skinny she was (yes, I learned it is a she) under her medium length hair.  She has a pretty striped print, a bushy tail, green eyes and tiny features.  She looked at me and meowed.  I got together a bowl of water and a tray of food and when I opened the door one of the dogs nearly knocked me backwards and was out the door chasing the cat, not minding me screaming, calling, tossing a bowl of water on it.

That is when I saw it...kittens.  I thought there were 2 but when I got hold of the dog and came back for a closer look it appears there might only be one.  But now that one was gone...obviously mama decided the front yard under the philodendron was not the right neighborhood to be raising ones young.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

His Mad Skills...

Yesterday at the conclusion of the dance lessons one of the instructors comes over to me with a long circular thread, widely known to grammar school girls as the 'cat's cradle'.  I had not seen one in lifetimes...

He took me back to a time before rollerskates, when (even in a NY winter) I was forced to wear a string1white peter pan collared short sleeved shirt and plaid pleated skirt and (ugh) hushpuppies, when we had to line up by class out of doors in the schoolyard waiting for session or during recess.  

We used to pass the time away, plucking these strings with our pinkies or thumb and forefingers, trading shapes back and forth.  I did not think I would remember what to do or how to do it when he presented it to me but it was all there somewhere in my mind and I even was able to pull out a couple oldies that were new to him.  I spent too much time enjoying this.

Maybe next I can find someone to play all those patty cake games with...

Ms. Marple had a steamboat, the steamboat had a bell, Ms. Marple went to heaven and the steamboat went to...Hello, operator,.give me number 9, and if you disconnect me, I'll cut off your...Behind the 'frigerator, there is a piece of glass...

Hmm - guess i was CHEEKY even as a kid!

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Monday, September 15, 2008

I've been used hard today...

My pilates trainer moved to NYC and while I was ecstatic for her personally, I thought this might be the worst of all possibilities for my physique.  You see, one of the things no one tells you about marriage is it can make you fat.  So can your corporate job, eating out a big 2 hour lunch  day after day, fine dining on the per diems and the expense accounts and the vendors tabs... who can go to Morton's and order a salad?  I just don't have the willpower.  After awhile it starts to catch up with you. sneakily - little by little.  One day I finally put my foot down and said "Self - less talk, more action" and I did something I'd been thinking of doing for a long time - I called the studio to ask about a group class.  I was convinced to try a one on one session, as much as I abhorred the idea of PAYING SOMEONE to spend time with me I can honestly say that it is the third best thing I ever spent my money on.(The first would be rent on my first apartment, the second being paying off my mortgage - that is very freeing.)

Well my trainer was SO GOOD you walk is, get a look over, and a plan is custom tailored for your bod based on what it needs that particular day.  And if you keep at it you will not lose any weight (hey, muscle weighs more than fat right?) but you will see your clothes start to fit differently.  And your parts that looked real good before look even better!  If anyone in the city needs a trainer let me know and I will be happy to pass the digits.

So I had to find something else and I had taken some Yoga, but the place closed, moved, relocated and I could not find it UNTIL!  So now I am looking forward to Mondays (how many people can say that?) when I go to Yoga Village and take Lisa Abernathy's Anusara class.  She is totally awesome.  Today she gave me some extra stretches and I am totally spent.  If you want to give it a try, they have a great variety of affordable classes available all times and days.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's that time of the month...

Annoying and inconvenient, I have to come up with yet another new alpha numeric password using a CAPITAL LETTER, and I think 2 numbers, one that is not a new rendition of the old or it will not be accepted and ACCESS DENIED to my top secret clearance levels will occur.  Don't you wish we could all live in a world where you could be safe AND leave the door unlocked?

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I went to this for the first time last year to meet up with some friends who had volunteered to work the beer tent (not bad people to know, huh?) and when the second shift relief volunteers did not show up they asked if I would mind pulling the tap (who, me?  Obviously you have mistaken me for someone else....  let's see 1 for you, 2 for me...).  If you were there you might remember me - I was the one wearing the Navy T-shirt that said 'NAUGHTY" in silver glitter  (boy does the VIP hate that shirt!), taking tickets with my teeth and pouring the Blonde Ale asking why no one wanted a redhead that night...someone call me a cab home please...

I am CONVINCED it cannot be as much fun this year but it won't stop me from trying!  Who's IN?

7th Annual Safety Harbor Wine Festival Presented by Dimmitt Cadillac
Saturday November 8, 2008 from 5-11pm

Enjoy a night of live entertainment throughout Downtown along with delectable foods, arts and crafts and of course, wines from all over the world. Proceeds benefit 5 local charitable organizations. Sponsorships and vendors booths available.  Admission to the festival is free. There is a nominal charge for wine samples, beer, other beverages and food from area restaurants. Proceeds from the event will benefit local civic and charitable organizations including the Safety Harbor Neighborhood Family Center, Safety Harbor Lion’s Club, Safety Harbor Fire Fighters, Safety Harbor Scholarship Fund and The Safety Harbor Kiwanis Club.

Downtown Safety Harbor
Main Street
Safety Harbor, FL 34695

The City of Safety Harbor and the Wine Festival Committee announced plans for the 7th Annual Safety Harbor Wine Festival Presented by Dimmitt Cadillac. The Festival will take place on Main Street between Bayshore Boulevard and 8th Avenue on Saturday November 8, 2007. Festival hours will be from 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm. The evening’s events will include wine sampling from wineries all over the world, food vending from area restaurants, live entertainment on three stages and arts & crafts vendors. Admission and parking are free. Wines will range from $3 to $5 per glass.

The 2006 event raised over $36,000 for 5 local organizations. Over the past 5 years the Annual Wine Festival event has donated over $115,000 to local charitable organizations.

Included in the past festivities have been three stages of local Jazz, Rock, Blues and R&B bands at the main stage at the Gazebo in John Wilson Park on 4th Avenue and Main Street, a  2nd stage of entertainment located in the Brie Garden near 7th Avenue and Main Street and a 3rd stage of entertainment stage will be located in the courtyard of the new Harbour Pointe building on the Corner of Main Street and Bayshore Boulevard. Fine Arts & Crafts vendors  display their wares along Main Street during the event as well as other sponsors booths.


Shake N Shimmy....

danceTonight I went with 2 girlfriends to Rungo Dance Academy for an open house.  I was expecting to see the dance instructors give an exhibition, but we ended up involved in a group Merengue lesson and then we had to rotate partners several times and then they added the music.  We actually had a lot of fun.  The instructors are all very good at keeping you involved and moving and enjoying yourselves.  So we are all going back for a lesson on Tuesday.  If you go, you might ask for Troy.  A/K/A the de-virginator.  He breaks in all the new dancers, that is his specialty.  He's been dancing there 8-9 years and will be very gentle with you if it's your first time or if you are just out of practice...

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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sue is cheeky!

My friend Sue W. is an avid cardmaker and the last time she was at the house she brought this little giftie along for me - it is the right combo of humor and appeal and so it deserves a place on this blog.  If you are a papercrafter who is looking for a cardswap check out Splitcoast Stampers.  Now, I am off to the beach!

IMG_0003-1 IMG_0004

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Meet Richie...

fitzer & diMaio 

Yes, he would be the uber-adorable superstar in the white suit, and he's about 40 years old now.  Always knew how to stand out in a crowd, though that is not how he remembers it AT ALL.

We have been reunited after too many years apart thru the glory of Facebook (come join the fun).  I've been trying to convince him to write his own blog, because it would be unfair and selfish of him to keep his stream of consciousness all to himself.  He was a dear enough friend to allow me, (perhaps even encourage me?  And you you know it takes very little...) to publish some of the excerpts of our recent exchange here in my blog. 

If you enjoy what you read please do comment, for Ritchie's sake - you ladies know how frail that male ego can be.  Now, without further introduction:

Thought about one of our last conversations... Don’t think I can be at all amusing in a blog. The pressure would make me crumble quicker  than that house of cards on The Brady Bunch. But by all means feel free to post our conversations in your own blog. You can title it “reflections with a slow adult.”

I was just trolling on classmates (also added a pic to my profile, but don’t get your knickers in a bunch it’s just a squash) & I am constantly amazed at how big our class was & all the people I never knew existed... O.K. That sounded retarded (maybe you should go with the first title after all), but you know what I mean. Case in point: Annette Balzarano. Who is this? I wish I could find my yearbook. I’m not saying that I should know everyone from our graduating class, but this person is in no way familiar in the least bit, and in an odd way that makes me kind of sad.

Then there are what I like to call the “multiple morons”, with more than one of the same profile.

Or how about all the ladies that claim to be fans of sci-fi in their old age? Where were these bitches when I was entering the fast lane (or at least trying to merge gingerly) on the sexual highway of life? I was a trend setter I tell ya!

On a side note, I was looking over the pics you sent over with the Mrs. & even she didn’t recognize me, though she did mock my striped shirt mercilessly. she also admitted (later on) that she would’ve put out, so I guess it wasn’t all that bad.

Now for the scattered random thoughts part of my email (like the preceding was in the least bit cohesive):

There’s more, but I have to go to lunch.

Editor's note:  While he did leave you hanging there, waiting for the next installment, I did have to redact a portion of our non-G-rated conversation in order to protect the identity of other certain third parties who shall remain forever nameless, unless you tickle it out of me.

So if you ever played the part of Capt. James T.. Kirk (even if you were a girl) and made your cousin always be Spock (she's half Japanese, it suited her best, "LOGICAL"... 'nuff said?) let Richie hear from you now!  Thanks for reading.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Fetish...

I have a real thing for closet is pretty off the chain now with the latest additions:


             This is a men's tie rack,

             'cept there ain't no mens

             and few ties....

I used it to hang my long    costume necklaces.  Ain't it Purdy?









But here is the piece d' resistance!  Mmmmmm, Yummy Black Velvet, dontcha wanna stroke it?











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Just for giggles....


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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ban Thai

What better way to end a perfect holiday weekend then a delicious meal with a special somebody at a favorite local spot...

I tend to enjoy the ambiance of the privately run places over the chains.  The place is wonderfully decorated with imported objects, the staff is dressed in traditional attire, and the background music will have you feeling like you have left the country.  This family owns 2 places:  The Chiang Mei in St. Pete and Ban Thai in north county:

1100 Central Ave
St Petersburg, FL 33705

2519 N McMullen Booth Rd # 505 at the N/E intersection with Enterprise,
Clearwater, FL 33761, (727) 724-2992‎ - Ban Thai does take away and sushi

I wish I were a vegan, but the Amazing Beef if just too good - I must succumb to it's powers over my tatebuds!

When there I was lucky enough to witness the monks, praying/chanting and performing a blessing.  For a fun outdoor adventure, visit the Thai Temple on the other side of Tampa (near Brandon).

Really should have a photo for you - you will have to go see it for yourselves.