Thursday, September 4, 2008

Meet Richie...

fitzer & diMaio 

Yes, he would be the uber-adorable superstar in the white suit, and he's about 40 years old now.  Always knew how to stand out in a crowd, though that is not how he remembers it AT ALL.

We have been reunited after too many years apart thru the glory of Facebook (come join the fun).  I've been trying to convince him to write his own blog, because it would be unfair and selfish of him to keep his stream of consciousness all to himself.  He was a dear enough friend to allow me, (perhaps even encourage me?  And you you know it takes very little...) to publish some of the excerpts of our recent exchange here in my blog. 

If you enjoy what you read please do comment, for Ritchie's sake - you ladies know how frail that male ego can be.  Now, without further introduction:

Thought about one of our last conversations... Don’t think I can be at all amusing in a blog. The pressure would make me crumble quicker  than that house of cards on The Brady Bunch. But by all means feel free to post our conversations in your own blog. You can title it “reflections with a slow adult.”

I was just trolling on classmates (also added a pic to my profile, but don’t get your knickers in a bunch it’s just a squash) & I am constantly amazed at how big our class was & all the people I never knew existed... O.K. That sounded retarded (maybe you should go with the first title after all), but you know what I mean. Case in point: Annette Balzarano. Who is this? I wish I could find my yearbook. I’m not saying that I should know everyone from our graduating class, but this person is in no way familiar in the least bit, and in an odd way that makes me kind of sad.

Then there are what I like to call the “multiple morons”, with more than one of the same profile.

Or how about all the ladies that claim to be fans of sci-fi in their old age? Where were these bitches when I was entering the fast lane (or at least trying to merge gingerly) on the sexual highway of life? I was a trend setter I tell ya!

On a side note, I was looking over the pics you sent over with the Mrs. & even she didn’t recognize me, though she did mock my striped shirt mercilessly. she also admitted (later on) that she would’ve put out, so I guess it wasn’t all that bad.

Now for the scattered random thoughts part of my email (like the preceding was in the least bit cohesive):

There’s more, but I have to go to lunch.

Editor's note:  While he did leave you hanging there, waiting for the next installment, I did have to redact a portion of our non-G-rated conversation in order to protect the identity of other certain third parties who shall remain forever nameless, unless you tickle it out of me.

So if you ever played the part of Capt. James T.. Kirk (even if you were a girl) and made your cousin always be Spock (she's half Japanese, it suited her best, "LOGICAL"... 'nuff said?) let Richie hear from you now!  Thanks for reading.



Roni Hunt said...

WOTE-love the's amazing what a little computer can do! Richie needs to plunge into a blog. If he's a friend of yours I'm sure his wit is sharp and he is entertaining! I was hoping the pic was a video and he'd break out into some Saturday Night Fever/Travolta walk ala' Stayin' Alive! see ya soon!

Palm Springs Savant said...

well done WOTE- I like your approach to this. Ritchie should immediately start blogging, for his own sake and sanity. he is a good writer with great style. The golden rule of blogging I live be: Write your blog for yourself and no one else. That way you never feel pressure to "perform"