Friday, September 19, 2008

Cat & Kitten

A few days ago I noticed a plethora of fluffy feathers in the front yard.  They were under a tree and they were all singular and some were quite downy so I was hoping that a bird had been preening but had a sneaky suspicion that a cat had something to do with it.

Sure enough on another day when I was returning home I spotted a cat at the front of my house, crouched by the garage door.  When I pulled in it ran off.  Then I did something atypical.  I went inside and got some dog food and brought it out in a recycle bin tray for the cat.

Normally I try not to interfere with mother nature, but I do enjoy the birds in my yard and would like not to see their populations diminished.  I figured if the cat was not hungry the birds would be just fine. 

And the cat was hungry.  Very little left of a cup of dry kibble.  And of course a day or two later the cat is back, now close to the foyer, on my front walk.  So this time I put out some moist food.  Seeing the cat close up, I could see how skinny she was (yes, I learned it is a she) under her medium length hair.  She has a pretty striped print, a bushy tail, green eyes and tiny features.  She looked at me and meowed.  I got together a bowl of water and a tray of food and when I opened the door one of the dogs nearly knocked me backwards and was out the door chasing the cat, not minding me screaming, calling, tossing a bowl of water on it.

That is when I saw it...kittens.  I thought there were 2 but when I got hold of the dog and came back for a closer look it appears there might only be one.  But now that one was gone...obviously mama decided the front yard under the philodendron was not the right neighborhood to be raising ones young.


Anna M-W said...

I love animals. They are so much better than people.
I have some cat food I will give you tomorrow.

Anonymous said... kitties.