Monday, September 15, 2008

I've been used hard today...

My pilates trainer moved to NYC and while I was ecstatic for her personally, I thought this might be the worst of all possibilities for my physique.  You see, one of the things no one tells you about marriage is it can make you fat.  So can your corporate job, eating out a big 2 hour lunch  day after day, fine dining on the per diems and the expense accounts and the vendors tabs... who can go to Morton's and order a salad?  I just don't have the willpower.  After awhile it starts to catch up with you. sneakily - little by little.  One day I finally put my foot down and said "Self - less talk, more action" and I did something I'd been thinking of doing for a long time - I called the studio to ask about a group class.  I was convinced to try a one on one session, as much as I abhorred the idea of PAYING SOMEONE to spend time with me I can honestly say that it is the third best thing I ever spent my money on.(The first would be rent on my first apartment, the second being paying off my mortgage - that is very freeing.)

Well my trainer was SO GOOD you walk is, get a look over, and a plan is custom tailored for your bod based on what it needs that particular day.  And if you keep at it you will not lose any weight (hey, muscle weighs more than fat right?) but you will see your clothes start to fit differently.  And your parts that looked real good before look even better!  If anyone in the city needs a trainer let me know and I will be happy to pass the digits.

So I had to find something else and I had taken some Yoga, but the place closed, moved, relocated and I could not find it UNTIL!  So now I am looking forward to Mondays (how many people can say that?) when I go to Yoga Village and take Lisa Abernathy's Anusara class.  She is totally awesome.  Today she gave me some extra stretches and I am totally spent.  If you want to give it a try, they have a great variety of affordable classes available all times and days.


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Anna M-W said...

Wished we lived closer so I could go with you.