Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The submissive....

At my last dance lesson I had a frank and open discussion with my instructor about what I knew about myself and how I thought I would learn best. I figured with his being younger and having just met me he might benefit from the 40 years of insight I gathered about myself. Being from NY himself and Italian to boot (at least that is how I attribute it - being from NY myself and living in close proximity to the same hood for a number of years), he had a theory all his own, which he shared with me:

the modern woman has a hard time being submissive and following the lead of the man, a requirement for a dance partner...

and he suggested I that I might not agree with him, but that I go home and think about it.

And that I did. I decided to arrive today with a new attitude, after all I AM PAYING HIM and for a young stud of 28 (sorry ladies, married if I have not mentioned that already) he has some keen insights into the ladies - probably from his years of experience working with them (the diff from the EVERYMAN here is he is actually LEARNING from his experience). So this babe (not THIS babe, the instructor) kind of shocked me (THIS babe) with how accurate this bold statement - drawn from his own personal experience- was.

I decided today I was not going to talk back, chime in, offer my 2 cents - unsolicited advice, what ever you want to call it. I was going to obey my master and see what I gathered from the experience. And you know what? It was my best dance lesson so far.

He wanted me to keep a connection with him, look into his eyes, and feel his lead with my body. So I did. And it WORKED! For the most part. And you know what, he said he enjoyed my 5 cents, or 25 cents input...you gotta love a guy who puts a higher price on you than you value yourself!

So ladies (and gentlemen, they have some amazing female instructors who can teach you to lead) if you have ever thought of taking up dance, I highly encourage you!

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