Saturday, September 20, 2008

Liquid Lunch with the Personal Shopper


Today was a fun day. 

A couple weeks ago my friend *A* and I planned this day of shopping together to hunt for the perfect dress (and we did bag it, but she has asked me not to post it here yet and spoil the surprise) for her upcoming 20th reunion. 

We also found some slammin' accessories, but the perfect shoe evaded us to to *A*'s teeny tiny shoe size (e-shopping on Zappos tonite) and the perfect bag is at a location closer to my home (I will find it tomorrow) than hers where we were shopping today.  I do promise you a collage of 'the look" next week after it's unveiling on the red carpet.  What fun to pile on the glamour!

And while I can't dish about the fashion finds just yet, I can share the delish diva dining experience at The Wine Exchange, an old favorite that just relocated up the block to double the footprint.  They always have fresh, savory, well presented items paired with wine for you winos.  As many of you who know me better already know, I stick to the liquor (I have my reasons one, being that you must first buy me a drink before I will share them with you...). 

IMG_0004-5 IMG_0005-5

*A* had a pear and this was my Pomtini...after one of these you forget all about taking a photo of the cafe salad - assorted baby greens with hearts of palm and artichoke with a miso dressing and the delightful gnocchi (I <3 Carbs!) with sundried tomato....

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Anna M-W said...

Thanks so much for the company, lunch, and all the fun!