Friday, October 31, 2008

Just Won't Burn

One of my favorite artist releases was guitarist and singer Susan Tedeschi's (click this link to watch the video ->)Just Won't Burn

I picked it up on a fluke and loved every song on it.  She almost won the Grammy that year, and I've gone on to buy her other releases.  She has a voice that is a combination of Janis Joplin in it's raspy power and Bonnie Raitt in it's lyrical tone.  She is a great story teller, and as an added bonus she is married to the uber talented Derek Trucks.  This guy can jam.  If you like blues - real R&B Guitar, not R&B hiphop then you will be blown away.

While she has her own band, she does tour with Derek's band, and I had the luxury of seeing them live... and here comes another chance - tickets on sale later today for a performance at The Tampa Theatre - one of my all time favorite venues. 

First of all the architecture of the building is magnificent, it's 1920's, Nouveau, marble inlaid floors, dark solid hardwoods, and the theatre interior looks like a grotto and is about the size of an old time projection theatre.  The ceiling has twinkle lights in the centers of a dark starry sky.  So romantic to just sit there in a red velvet seat and watch a movie or listen to the Wurlitzer Organ.

The seating is small so there is not a bad seat in the house and there is a balcony, old time, meaning it's UPSTAIRS, an overhanging second level.  Not a bad seat in the house!  And there is a concessions stand where you can actually get a drink.




click here to order tickets

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Team Match

Sorry readers, no photos to share of the three studio judged dances at this time, if I get some from a friend I will upload them later.   We had an early lead but did not take the first place trophy. 

The lesson learned is sometimes it is good to break the rules you have set for yourself  and do something you swore you would never do, because you just might enjoy yourself.  Besides a new challenge of learning some basic dance steps this month, I have learned some things about myself which is always refreshing for a person who thinks they know themselves pretty darn well!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's Official

My ballot has been cast in favor of Obama/Biden.

On a fun note, I purchased my first pair of ballroom dance shoes yesterday afternoon and broke them in last evening...I wanted a lighter shade that would blend in with my skintone and the floor but could not wait so I ended up with this coppery tone which looks pretty hot if i say so myself:



And yes, your toes ARE supposed to hang over the edge like that.  They do not want to sole of the shoe to show and i've heard some dancers like to feel the floor with their toes.  In Latin dancing you are primarily on the ball of your foot.  This is a 3 inch heel, making me almost 6 ft. Fo'Shizzle!

These came from On Pointe Dancewear on Central Avenue in St. Pete Fl.  They are made by Stephanie Ballroom:

Stephanie Professional Dance Shoes 92005, New Dark Tan *Real leather interior material for extra skin comfort. *Special exterior fabrication/satin made for WATER/OIL/DIRT RESISTANCE (3R = 3 Resistance) *Memory padding for super extra comfort, made with special padding material provides both comfort and long lasting (very strong and thick padding against decompression that last 5 times longer than every leading brand)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Early Voting in Florida

obama & Palin

It's started here in Florida, and while some people i know prefer to wait until the last minute in case something should happen in the days leading up to the 'election day' I am in favor of bypassing waiting in line and declaring my intentions as soon as I am clear and committed. With so many strong opinions  being voiced about politics I thought you might all enjoy a little humor on the subject.  As you may know, i started ballroom dance lessons this month, see my sidebar for more details - come join me for free one night if you are in the area!

Monday, October 20, 2008

The mark of a true friendship

That burning smell was generated by my recent reflections on friendships that endure the tests of time and distance.  Here are some of the qualities that i find cement that bond, and you probably have a few experiences to add yourself - please comment, sharing yourself with the world makes it a better place:)


  • they make you laugh, hard, and usually over some inside joke that leaves the rest of the world scratching their heads in wonder and disbelief that any people could be so foolish
  • you don't CARE how foolish you look to others when you are with them, you will sacrifice all dignity to make them laugh
  • they know where you are coming from, even if they didn't take the same path to get there
  • when you see them or talk to them there is no sense of time or separation, even if it's been a 20 years since you last set eyes on one another or heard the melody of the others voice

you want more for them (of everything) then you could dream of for yourself

you wish they lived next door or in your spare bedroom so you could spend more time goofing off with them

they have been there for the good times and stayed for the bad

......................................................... What are the qualities you value most?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Let them eat cake! Or Cookies!

I have 2 sites to rave about to meet all your sweet needs!  If you have friends,  family or clients that you need to get that perfect something for but you just don't know what here is a perfect idea:

Sweet Lady Cakes

Home made by Chris

Click to see it and believe it, then order it to taste it - YUMMMM!


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Baby needs a new pair of shoes...

The Pelle Moda 'Vino' Sandal - makes me want to be a very bad girl....

Beaded rope intertwines with the iridescent snakeskin straps of a gorgeous evening sandal balanced atop a lofty wrapped heel and platform. Ankle strap with crystal-encrusted buckle closure and inset elastic. Approx. heel height: 4 1/2" with 3/4" platform.


believe it or not, these were EASY to walk in and I really WANTED THEM, but i bought these instead because they really looked more like me - classy dare i say, and even the salesman thought they looked better wearing the shoe instead of the other way around....

Pelle Moda 'Colleen' Sandal - Tiny beads line the metallic suede straps of an elegant evening sandal with a wrapped high heel. Slingback strap with buckle closure, approx. heel height: 3 3/4".


Way more coin that I have dropped on a pair of shoes since I can't remember when...

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Git er Done...

 IMG_0011 It's never too late to try something new and different, so I gladly accepted an invite to the Citrus Speedway to hang out in the Pit with the cars and drivers and see my friend's car race the 8 track. 

After polling my most fashion conscious girlfriends, I found they expected me to be dressed as Cha Cha Rodriguez, and as flattering as this glamorous comparison was I opted for plan B - ball cap, shades, jeans, and a wife-beater....



My girlfriend, auto owner and hostess with the mostess, Mimi Powlus, told me not matter what i wore i would feel like miss america. 

I already know that one does not have to travel very far outside of Pinellas county to get a taste of the Floridian that seems to always make the national news and represent our great state - toothless, in need of a haircut, dressed like a vagrant (those who actually wear a shirt), badly done tattoos, and abundant dip - you have watched the news so you know what i mean. 

If you are one of my dear friends who does not own a television set, i did take a photo of the likes of my gender's representation:


Now, i am well aware of the fashion craze for low rise jeans and do own a couple pairs myself and therefore fully appreciate the challenges of maintaining discretion when it comes to one's butt cleavage when attempting to do anything other than remaining perfectly upright  in fact if you were standing behind me in the photo op just above and the wife beater came untucked you may have been able to sneak a peak below the beltline...

I am also aware that it is fashionable to show ones whale tail or g-string above the waistline of ones jeans, however if that was this poor girls intention she has poor placement and should have went for something fancier from vicky's secret that had a little rhinestone bauble back there.  I mean if you are going to do something, why go halfway?



   MIMI and MIL



















This was my 28 year old boy-toy for the night - The 'STUD' - he's kinda like the mascot.

IMG_0017  IMG_0018 IMG_0019

Friday, October 10, 2008

She's Crafty....

Some of you from my generation will now be hearing in your mind's stereo a song of that name and with those lyrics (She's Crafty, and just my type...) courtesy of The Beastie Boys.  One Beastie went to HS of the Performing Arts with my first BF and I got to meet him one nite at BAR in Manhattan...yes BAR was the name of the BAR...such was my brush with fame.

But I digress... I really want to share with you fellow blog lovers and papercrafters a link to a blog with some awesome photos, projects, and joie de vive of none other than Jules....if you frequent The Rouge (where I should be cropping now!)  you probably know of Jules already.

Please pay Jules a visit and see her latest creation, featuring a vintage image and a lovely sachet bag that would make a nice gift item!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Alter Ego's OC:

Some of you faithful readers know I have a tendency to go on (and on) and you should know that today is One Of Those Days, and before you go any further I suggest you get yourself a fresh cuppa'joe - and if you have not yet read today's installment of Steven's blog (link posted yesterday and in my blogs i stalk) you will really get the full benefit of today's streaming consciousness if you start there first.

The title of today's post is appropriate because just the other day Steven described me rather accurately to some college buddies as his alter ego.  Talk about your freakin light bulb moments... the heavens parted and a chorus of angels was singing during that epiphany.  How an introspect like myself had never realized this yin-yangness before this very moment is beyond me.  Thankfully one is never too old to keep learning.  Hard to believe I have to give THAT BOY props for schooling me though - that was the more shocking part of the exchange!  It's a consummate battle between good and evil and dear readers, you know I am the pure hearted one - the Ivory Girl may have plenty of diabolical thoughts but she has enough sense and impulse control to keep Satan, Er, Uh, Steven behind her.

Plus he lives in the OC and his blog is about his obsession with fitness.

But on with the real reason for the post - I can't go on an on in my comments on his blog and turn it into a mocumentary, when I have my very own place to do so - here!

Let it begin:

Alter Ego is not adopted, but her mother has told whoever has asked that she found me on the doorstep and I really belong to a nice couple from Iowa. 

Alter Ego has a general rule about not running anywhere unless lifesaving is involved, particularly her very own.  Despite any amount of stretching, very bad shin splints.  This does not stop me from the desire of having runner's legs or the elusive endorphin rush.  It's just that if you have seen me you know i love the GLAM and looking like mobsters took a baseball bat to the fronts of your legs doesn't quite fit the image.  I try to tune into my body and find this is my bod's was of saying 'SIT THE F#@K DOWN'.

Alter Ego is a delicate flower and has never broken a bone or gotten a split hair in her lifetime.  Hope to make it to the grave that way.  I have an obsession with personal safety and not making the Darwin Awards.

My typical fitness regimen involves shuffling around the house in whatever I wore to bed (unless i have an errand to run), 1 sprint to and from the mailbox to get back inside before a neighbor can see me out of doors and strike up conversation with me in my bedclothes, and once a week i do an hour and a half of Anusara Yoga (replaced my hour of Pilates) and have added 45 mintues of dance class.

Here is my nutritional intake for yesterday - pretty much the same from day to day:

32 oz of coffee or tea, on sluggish days 32oz of each  (but never plain water) with 1tsp of white granulated sugar per mug and soy milk (had to give up the cow due to cholesterol or it would be cream all the way).

Multivitamin, extra Vit.D and Calcium for strong bones, 81 mg aspirin for heart health, TR niacin to help with the cholesterol (it seems to do nothing).

Fibrous cereal - choice of shredded wheat, Kashi Go Lean, Special K with red berries and half a pint of fresh berries with enough soy milk to wet.  I do not like milk left in the bowl.  Oatmeal is good - never instant, with raisins and brown sugar and sometimes a pat of butter and milk.

Hershey Bar with Almonds - 1.45 oz bar (daily at least once)

Yesterday lunch was butternut squash ravioli with sugar snap peas, silvered carrots and a couple green peas in a white sauce.

Because I had to get ready to go out I did not have a proper dinner but I am not big on eating a large meal in the evening (unless the VIP is home) and try not to eat after 7pm.

My energy pick up was in the form of a can of Vanilla Coke (sans bourbon, I'm driving myself) and a Special K cereal bar (AKA rice krispie treat).

When i got home it was already 10 pm, so a fruit on the bottom cherry yogurt before nite-nite.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Living Vicariously

Many of my Facebook friends have been open and honest in revealing their love of my wall to wall conversations with an old college friend. For those of you who I have yet to convince to get on Facebook and add me as your friend, you can now read his blog. I will comment there now and again, but please don't expect it to hold a candle to the MA rated entries on Facebook. One very good thing, he promises pictures, so if you (or anyone you know) is interested in watching a hot body get even hotter SUBSCRIBE!

Steven's blog

Note - there is a typo in the link, if/after it's corrected and you find this is corrupt, look to the updated 'blogs I stalk' for the good link!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Have i told you lately


     how much I love yoga?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Lonely Girl's Shopping Spree

Today I heard the VIP's voice for the last time for a month to come and I am all kinds of bummed, so what else is there for a lonely girl to do but throw herself a pity party and go shopping? (OK there are lots of other things to do, but I am trying to preserve this relationship and this seemed to be a choice with the lesser of possible fallouts).

Here is what I came away with:


1. Black pants with a large flapped accent pocket the VIP will love.

2. Hippie chic jeans: a.'BAM' b.Embroidered details c. front pocket details

3. I almost didn't buy this dress, but boy am I glad I did.

4. Bling T.

5. I <3 screen printed Ts, the hold lettering is glitta!

6. Insane cleavage in this black broadcloth - Ybor?

7. Continuing the pink & green theme from yesterday - this is a racerback and

     methinks it will look better with special undergarments.

8. This lace top is very femme, perfect for the Ivory Girl.

9. Shoes (need I say more?)  the center strap is glitta!  Pair these with the   

    dress and I'm ready for a dance party!

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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Supporting the economy...

Today I did a number of my favorite things to do, go to an arts & crafts show, walk around out of doors, enjoy the weather, admire handicrafts and support a charity and a local artisan with my hard earned dollars. I love all things handmade and the people who make them. My purchase was this lovely thing:

IMG_0001 It is made by hand, here in the USA, by Christine Nissley. She does not use a loom, and had some exquisite jackets, shrugs, ponchos, tops and scarves, most in vibrant colors with fantastic FRINGE (can you tell i love FRINGE?) and great textural yarns.

I fell for this because I had never seen a knit babydoll, and there is a ribbon tie that falls under the bustline and accents the waistline and has a long side slit where the ribbon falls. I find it very appealing, however the VIP is not crazy about my other knits and doubt he will like this one. The yarn is silk and pale pink and green.

Visit C&C Collectibles, Chrissie's Creations for somthing great all your own: 813-765-4645,, She is an accountant by day, this is her hobby craft. BUY USA!

One of a kind beautiful hand knitted wearable art made out of luxury yarns. This is a store where you can go from casual to elegant at the blink of an eye. Original designs and many one of a kind items. Custom orders are welcome for any size and color. Now is a great time for me to knit up some wonderful new designs. Please check back often to see the new wearable art that "Chrissie's Creations" has to offer. I will also be offering kits soon for some of my designs if you too are an avid knitter.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


If you are in the Tampa Bay area, plan to stop by and have some fun - all for a good cause!  Raffle prizes, free stuff, promotional babes, live music, beer tent, what more could you want?


(updated frequently)

(1) 14k white gold and diamond breast cancer awareness necklace valued at $1500 (with warranty)

(1) 14k white gold and smokey quartz bracelet valued at $400 (with warranty)

(1) 2 night stay at The Sheraton Sand Key, Clearwater

(1) 3 hour limo ride from Julie's Limousine

(2) 2 hour billiard vouchers for four people at JJ's Prime Time Lounge

(3) $30 gift certificates to Rayz Tanning Salon

(3) $25 gift certificates to Fat Daddy's Watering Hole

(1) original steel sculpture of "The North Wind Blowing" by: Spencer

(1) original painting by: Deb Farley

(1) "Pamper Yourself" basket from Barbara Galliher

and many, many more to come...



Wednesday, October 1, 2008

10/4 2nd Annual Hospice Arts&Crafts Show

Join me This Saturday from 10 am until 4 pm!  There will be over 100 crafters, a cafe will be open for lunch, donations go to The Hospice of the Florida Suncoast - Pinellas Counties not-for-profit worklife wellness program.

The location is 5771 Roosevelt Blvd., Clearwater, FL 33760

Find out more about Hospice or make a donation!


  You will find fun things like this holiday card!




Ask for Troy!

The Frog Prince


I found this toad, well actually my Boston Terrier (Gretchen) found it, in the yard about 2 months ago.  I spent more than an hour prodding it along the fence line trying to help it exit the yard and spare it further harassment from the dogs.  Not only did it not want to leave the yard, but HE TREID TO BITE ME several times!

Yesterday it was a drizzly morning and toad was rather enjoying himself and let me take this photo before hopping into the ferns.

Let me introduce you

to BK Jackson!  Bernard “B.K.” Jackson is a 16 year old saxophone sensation, who stimulates the soul with rejuvenating gospel and refreshing jazz.  I have been eagerly awaiting this cd which arrived by mail today and I will be playing it tomorrow!

He is playing at this years Clearwater Jazz Festival in Coachman Park, opening act for Tony Bennett!  This is a free outdoor event...check it out.

Read about BK Jackson