Saturday, October 4, 2008

Supporting the economy...

Today I did a number of my favorite things to do, go to an arts & crafts show, walk around out of doors, enjoy the weather, admire handicrafts and support a charity and a local artisan with my hard earned dollars. I love all things handmade and the people who make them. My purchase was this lovely thing:

IMG_0001 It is made by hand, here in the USA, by Christine Nissley. She does not use a loom, and had some exquisite jackets, shrugs, ponchos, tops and scarves, most in vibrant colors with fantastic FRINGE (can you tell i love FRINGE?) and great textural yarns.

I fell for this because I had never seen a knit babydoll, and there is a ribbon tie that falls under the bustline and accents the waistline and has a long side slit where the ribbon falls. I find it very appealing, however the VIP is not crazy about my other knits and doubt he will like this one. The yarn is silk and pale pink and green.

Visit C&C Collectibles, Chrissie's Creations for somthing great all your own: 813-765-4645,, She is an accountant by day, this is her hobby craft. BUY USA!

One of a kind beautiful hand knitted wearable art made out of luxury yarns. This is a store where you can go from casual to elegant at the blink of an eye. Original designs and many one of a kind items. Custom orders are welcome for any size and color. Now is a great time for me to knit up some wonderful new designs. Please check back often to see the new wearable art that "Chrissie's Creations" has to offer. I will also be offering kits soon for some of my designs if you too are an avid knitter.

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Anna M-W said...

I love this top!