Thursday, October 9, 2008

Alter Ego's OC:

Some of you faithful readers know I have a tendency to go on (and on) and you should know that today is One Of Those Days, and before you go any further I suggest you get yourself a fresh cuppa'joe - and if you have not yet read today's installment of Steven's blog (link posted yesterday and in my blogs i stalk) you will really get the full benefit of today's streaming consciousness if you start there first.

The title of today's post is appropriate because just the other day Steven described me rather accurately to some college buddies as his alter ego.  Talk about your freakin light bulb moments... the heavens parted and a chorus of angels was singing during that epiphany.  How an introspect like myself had never realized this yin-yangness before this very moment is beyond me.  Thankfully one is never too old to keep learning.  Hard to believe I have to give THAT BOY props for schooling me though - that was the more shocking part of the exchange!  It's a consummate battle between good and evil and dear readers, you know I am the pure hearted one - the Ivory Girl may have plenty of diabolical thoughts but she has enough sense and impulse control to keep Satan, Er, Uh, Steven behind her.

Plus he lives in the OC and his blog is about his obsession with fitness.

But on with the real reason for the post - I can't go on an on in my comments on his blog and turn it into a mocumentary, when I have my very own place to do so - here!

Let it begin:

Alter Ego is not adopted, but her mother has told whoever has asked that she found me on the doorstep and I really belong to a nice couple from Iowa. 

Alter Ego has a general rule about not running anywhere unless lifesaving is involved, particularly her very own.  Despite any amount of stretching, very bad shin splints.  This does not stop me from the desire of having runner's legs or the elusive endorphin rush.  It's just that if you have seen me you know i love the GLAM and looking like mobsters took a baseball bat to the fronts of your legs doesn't quite fit the image.  I try to tune into my body and find this is my bod's was of saying 'SIT THE F#@K DOWN'.

Alter Ego is a delicate flower and has never broken a bone or gotten a split hair in her lifetime.  Hope to make it to the grave that way.  I have an obsession with personal safety and not making the Darwin Awards.

My typical fitness regimen involves shuffling around the house in whatever I wore to bed (unless i have an errand to run), 1 sprint to and from the mailbox to get back inside before a neighbor can see me out of doors and strike up conversation with me in my bedclothes, and once a week i do an hour and a half of Anusara Yoga (replaced my hour of Pilates) and have added 45 mintues of dance class.

Here is my nutritional intake for yesterday - pretty much the same from day to day:

32 oz of coffee or tea, on sluggish days 32oz of each  (but never plain water) with 1tsp of white granulated sugar per mug and soy milk (had to give up the cow due to cholesterol or it would be cream all the way).

Multivitamin, extra Vit.D and Calcium for strong bones, 81 mg aspirin for heart health, TR niacin to help with the cholesterol (it seems to do nothing).

Fibrous cereal - choice of shredded wheat, Kashi Go Lean, Special K with red berries and half a pint of fresh berries with enough soy milk to wet.  I do not like milk left in the bowl.  Oatmeal is good - never instant, with raisins and brown sugar and sometimes a pat of butter and milk.

Hershey Bar with Almonds - 1.45 oz bar (daily at least once)

Yesterday lunch was butternut squash ravioli with sugar snap peas, silvered carrots and a couple green peas in a white sauce.

Because I had to get ready to go out I did not have a proper dinner but I am not big on eating a large meal in the evening (unless the VIP is home) and try not to eat after 7pm.

My energy pick up was in the form of a can of Vanilla Coke (sans bourbon, I'm driving myself) and a Special K cereal bar (AKA rice krispie treat).

When i got home it was already 10 pm, so a fruit on the bottom cherry yogurt before nite-nite.

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Jules said...

Welcome to my world, dear Alter Ego. I too am married to my better half. Come visit my I have yours on my faves!