Monday, October 20, 2008

The mark of a true friendship

That burning smell was generated by my recent reflections on friendships that endure the tests of time and distance.  Here are some of the qualities that i find cement that bond, and you probably have a few experiences to add yourself - please comment, sharing yourself with the world makes it a better place:)


  • they make you laugh, hard, and usually over some inside joke that leaves the rest of the world scratching their heads in wonder and disbelief that any people could be so foolish
  • you don't CARE how foolish you look to others when you are with them, you will sacrifice all dignity to make them laugh
  • they know where you are coming from, even if they didn't take the same path to get there
  • when you see them or talk to them there is no sense of time or separation, even if it's been a 20 years since you last set eyes on one another or heard the melody of the others voice

you want more for them (of everything) then you could dream of for yourself

you wish they lived next door or in your spare bedroom so you could spend more time goofing off with them

they have been there for the good times and stayed for the bad

......................................................... What are the qualities you value most?


Anna M-W said...

I totally agree with everything you wrote.

I feel blessed to call you my friend - you get me. Most people don't. They think they do, but they have only scratched the surface.

Jules said...

Great reflections there! My longest term friend and I (going on 50 years) share loyalty and love. We go months sometimes as we live far apart but when we talk or can get together, the years fade away and we are still the same dorky kids we were when we met. Great blog topic!

Palm Springs Savant said...

Amen to that. I value friendships where you have no guilt, no jealousy or envy. I value friendships where you don't have to talk constantly- you can sit with a glass of wine and just relax and not feel pressured to make conversation the entire time. where silence is not uncomfortable but valued.You know what I mean?