Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's Official

My ballot has been cast in favor of Obama/Biden.

On a fun note, I purchased my first pair of ballroom dance shoes yesterday afternoon and broke them in last evening...I wanted a lighter shade that would blend in with my skintone and the floor but could not wait so I ended up with this coppery tone which looks pretty hot if i say so myself:



And yes, your toes ARE supposed to hang over the edge like that.  They do not want to sole of the shoe to show and i've heard some dancers like to feel the floor with their toes.  In Latin dancing you are primarily on the ball of your foot.  This is a 3 inch heel, making me almost 6 ft. Fo'Shizzle!

These came from On Pointe Dancewear on Central Avenue in St. Pete Fl.  They are made by Stephanie Ballroom:

Stephanie Professional Dance Shoes 92005, New Dark Tan *Real leather interior material for extra skin comfort. *Special exterior fabrication/satin made for WATER/OIL/DIRT RESISTANCE (3R = 3 Resistance) *Memory padding for super extra comfort, made with special padding material provides both comfort and long lasting (very strong and thick padding against decompression that last 5 times longer than every leading brand)


Anonymous said...

those are some hot looking shoes!


Palm Springs Savant said...

wow awesome shoes!
I'm doing my early voting today...