Sunday, October 12, 2008

Git er Done...

 IMG_0011 It's never too late to try something new and different, so I gladly accepted an invite to the Citrus Speedway to hang out in the Pit with the cars and drivers and see my friend's car race the 8 track. 

After polling my most fashion conscious girlfriends, I found they expected me to be dressed as Cha Cha Rodriguez, and as flattering as this glamorous comparison was I opted for plan B - ball cap, shades, jeans, and a wife-beater....



My girlfriend, auto owner and hostess with the mostess, Mimi Powlus, told me not matter what i wore i would feel like miss america. 

I already know that one does not have to travel very far outside of Pinellas county to get a taste of the Floridian that seems to always make the national news and represent our great state - toothless, in need of a haircut, dressed like a vagrant (those who actually wear a shirt), badly done tattoos, and abundant dip - you have watched the news so you know what i mean. 

If you are one of my dear friends who does not own a television set, i did take a photo of the likes of my gender's representation:


Now, i am well aware of the fashion craze for low rise jeans and do own a couple pairs myself and therefore fully appreciate the challenges of maintaining discretion when it comes to one's butt cleavage when attempting to do anything other than remaining perfectly upright  in fact if you were standing behind me in the photo op just above and the wife beater came untucked you may have been able to sneak a peak below the beltline...

I am also aware that it is fashionable to show ones whale tail or g-string above the waistline of ones jeans, however if that was this poor girls intention she has poor placement and should have went for something fancier from vicky's secret that had a little rhinestone bauble back there.  I mean if you are going to do something, why go halfway?



   MIMI and MIL



















This was my 28 year old boy-toy for the night - The 'STUD' - he's kinda like the mascot.

IMG_0017  IMG_0018 IMG_0019

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Anna M-W said...

Nice wife beater...

Stop posting so I can catch up.

Oh and you and I need to scrap a page with all the whale tale pics we have taken!