Friday, October 31, 2008

Just Won't Burn

One of my favorite artist releases was guitarist and singer Susan Tedeschi's (click this link to watch the video ->)Just Won't Burn

I picked it up on a fluke and loved every song on it.  She almost won the Grammy that year, and I've gone on to buy her other releases.  She has a voice that is a combination of Janis Joplin in it's raspy power and Bonnie Raitt in it's lyrical tone.  She is a great story teller, and as an added bonus she is married to the uber talented Derek Trucks.  This guy can jam.  If you like blues - real R&B Guitar, not R&B hiphop then you will be blown away.

While she has her own band, she does tour with Derek's band, and I had the luxury of seeing them live... and here comes another chance - tickets on sale later today for a performance at The Tampa Theatre - one of my all time favorite venues. 

First of all the architecture of the building is magnificent, it's 1920's, Nouveau, marble inlaid floors, dark solid hardwoods, and the theatre interior looks like a grotto and is about the size of an old time projection theatre.  The ceiling has twinkle lights in the centers of a dark starry sky.  So romantic to just sit there in a red velvet seat and watch a movie or listen to the Wurlitzer Organ.

The seating is small so there is not a bad seat in the house and there is a balcony, old time, meaning it's UPSTAIRS, an overhanging second level.  Not a bad seat in the house!  And there is a concessions stand where you can actually get a drink.




click here to order tickets

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Palm Springs Savant said...

Can I just tell you ho wmuch I LOVE the mighty Wurlitzer organ? It has a sound that just can't be beat. For a time, it was used in a lot of music but fell out of favor, but man its like nothing else!