Sunday, June 27, 2010

Because this is the closest you will probably ever get to seeing me in my unmentionables...

Last night I had a new first experience and got to share it with a couple of girlfriends. As you get older and if you have been challenging yourself, there tend to be fewer 'new' or 'first' experiences so it's always fun to break out of the routine and do something different. Thankfully the world is still a big enough place that I hope not to run out of new first experiences any time soon (I plan to live a long time and maintain a healthy sense of adventure.).

A friend had gone to a charitable function where she bid on a private party at a fine lingerie boutique in Tampa's Hyde Park: The Pink Petticoat operated by Lesley Geyer.

I was impressed with the sheer genius of the marketing of the party and gladly accepted the invitation (up to 10 for 2 hours of private shopping, complete with rereshments and decadent desserts, plus 20% discounted off any purchases that evening).

Bras and Panties don't take up a lot of room so this shop is able to stock quite a variety of beautiful and comfortable things to don. Amazingly they had my size in stock. Usually only Nordy's can do that and they are a big box store.

After trying on half the contents of the shop (you WILL want one of Everything) here's my score (for all you Divas and Drag queens that wanna copy my swagger):

All 7 of the deadly sins!

These Besty Johnson bras are flirty fun, affordable, and so well fitted!

The honeydew panty set looks outrageous on - and it was ON SALE! The set was $33.

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