Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Opalescence Tooth Whitening by Sunset Smiles, Carole Medvesky DMD

Meet my gorgeous dancing friend Carole Medvesky, DMD. She operates Sunset Smiles on Sunset Point Road! Recently I started a tooth whitening with a new product, Opalescence, and decided to journal my progress here.

First I had a consultation and oral cancer screening with Carole. Next, custom impressions were made. A few days later I had a thorough cleaning (it makes sense to have a clean surface to start the process with and I LOVE having my teeth cleaned, that smooth feeling is wonderful!) and test fit my liners (they were perfect).

Carole explained the use and application of the product. We are using a 10% solution for a longer period of time for a slow but long lasting effect. The kit includes a gel solution in two canisters.

The syringe solution is placed into the liner and the liner can be worn overnight.
It is invisible when it is in. Upper and lower trays can be used simultaneously.

If you travel, you can easily take it all with you! Stay tuned for updates.

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