Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I am up in the wee hours with nothing but the glory of the internet to keep me company, jamming to Lipps Inc. "Funkytown" and Kanye's "Goldigger" reflecting on a great day and all the blessings I am so lucky to receive each day (even if a solid 8 hours sleep is not one of them!).  First, for health (mine and others) without which the expansive enjoyment and quality of life would not be possible.  For getting back into the routine of yoga class...days later I can still feel that workout - it is so powerful for the body and so peaceful for the spirit.  Namaste to Lisa Abernathy at Yoga Village for sharing her love with the world.  Speaking of love, the VIP - love of my life, who somehow seems to enjoy me 99.9% of the time and tolerates with me even when I am at my worst (albeit a very small margin!) - thanks for making life fun, for taking care of me and our home, our haven't left for work yet and I miss you already.  For friends - old ones I've been re-establishing communications with after too long of an absence, and for new ones that have reinvigorated my life by sharing theirs with me.  And for someone who is possibly going to see this now that I know he's occasionally reading the blog (or being read to - how do you have the time for such homework I do not know) Mr. A. for your infinite patience and encouragement when I have none to offer myself (BIG HUG).  To everyone at Rungo for all the good humor they infuse into each day's teachings.  I'm a very lucky girl to have so much going right, to have the income and time to live my life the way I do.  The year of 40 is quickly approaching it's close, it has been a banner year and will be hard to outdo (but I will certainly give it a try).

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Jules said...

Me thinks you are just going through a phase with the dance. Remember the famous saying, this too shall pass and once again you shall be twirling and whirling with the best of them!

We need to meet up at RR when I get back from Savannah and I'll show you the PDQ papers. You will adore them.