Monday, March 2, 2009

Wonderful Day

What a great day!  Got up and got some work in at the sacrifice of my yoga class, had an uplifting phone conversation where I got to be a supportive listener (then do my favorite thing and offer advice!), made an airport run to pick up an old friend for part 2 of our visit...toured the Dali Museum, was treated to becoming  a 'patron' of Dali (thank you universe for answering yet another prayer... time to DREAM BIG!), crossed off my list: going to The Venue and having sushi (yummy. yummy sushi) and spend an eve maxin and relaxing at home where I get to do some much needed catch up on the blog....only to get a call to find I am needed on a dance floor (how nice to be needed!) and have someone else call wanting to buy a round of drinks....I know, i know, what am I doing still sitting at home????

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