Thursday, December 31, 2009


Another year has gotten behind me.  I’m trying to get a grip on the idea of 'TEN', yes-10, double digits…

2009 brought a tattoo, boxes of non permanent hair color, many a wonderful Anusara yoga class....ballroom dance classes a team match, and a rumba showcase at the Rusty Pelican....insufficient time for my paper-craft hobby or garden.  I  took in the annual Ice Racing show and a Greek dinner in Ybor.  A year can never be full enough of family visits, birthdays, informal college reunions, and time spent with friends far and near that neither time nor distance can diminish. I've become a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant in the Sensational Superstars Car Driving Unit.  Rented a Prius Hybrid, rode a mule, bottle fed not only several small goats but also the fierce 100+ pound farm guard dog, Bubba that the delivery men are scared of. Recently joined a group called the “Questers”, interested in collectibles.  Sold the RV....had 2 large house parties, closets redone and needed a new HVAC system. Celebrated an 11th wedding anniversary alone. Spent a week in NY at Thanksgiving , seeing the play “Wicked’.

Now it's time to consider what to do with myself in the coming 365 days, besides wishing you a blessed year ahead, full of abundance and adventures.

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Palm Springs Savant said...

all in all, the past decade was pretty good for me. But I'm ready for the next cycle of life and wish you well in the next 10.