Thursday, September 9, 2010

Shoe Bags for Dancers!

So one of my latest bursts of creativity has been to inspire the manufacture and sale of affordable, custom shoe bags. I am tired of paying good money for dance shoes only to be toting them around in a nasty disposable piece of weedstop with a shoelace. It actually dawned on me when I saw another rather stylish dancer/instructor ( carrying a bag that was so unworthy of his style and class...he needed a bag that reflected him, Eureka!

Some exemlars were made up and shown around and we have improved upon the original by adding a key ring, fan for the ladies, and would like to add some much requested pockets on the next models. Lovely fabric grade and patter selection or have one made to go with you costume and WOW everyone wherever you go.

Photos are up on facebook - friend Cathy Nelson to see them - thanks!!!

A perfect gift for the dancer you know - one customer bought three!


Crystal said...

As soon as my knees allow me to dance again, I will be placing my order. Genious!

Palm Springs Savant said...

you are clever, resourceful AND entrepreneurial (not to mention stunningly beautiful)