Monday, July 5, 2010

Doin Crystal Proud

I have a friend who has so inspired me to take my thrift to the next level by using coupons more often and effectively. This girl is doing it right, she is getting paid to do her shopping. When she walks to the register the cashierist clucks her tounge (jealous) and my girl usually leave with a hundred in merchandise and money give back to her... it's pretty unimaginable but very possible. I am under tuteledge of the master and did some shopping today...

Here is what $.53 got me today at Staples:
3 Blistex with SPF
2 Rolodex leather card holders
1 box of 50 thank you cards on premium stock
(photo not yet uploaded)

Also, at Jo-Ann I found something that I had seen at Pink Petticoat and was able to purchase with my 40% off coupon: June Tailor Beautiful You Adhesive Strapless Cloth Bra

Thegirlguru's recommendation
"Ah cleavage. It's so sexy, and created with absolute ease with this kind of bra. The lack of straps gives you so many ways to wear it too so feel free to experiment! I must caution however that though it is washable and can be worn multiple times don't use it for everything. Also because it's basically a "sticker" bra getting sweaty during a good run at the dance club may affect how well it clings to your bits, so be cautious with intense physical activity. Otherwise it is awesome, feels great, and is wonderfully affordable-and nicely accentuates your "girls" :)"

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Crystal said...

You go Cathy! I'm soo proud. That's championship shopping!