Friday, June 12, 2009

Did somebody say CHOCOLATE?

Ok, it's over...if you weren't here last nite you missed the Chocolate Dessert Party, complete with 3 tiered fountain and more dip-able items than the group of 40+ could consume before 1am when I turned into a pumpkin.

Someone had the gall to tell me the fountain was no streaming - WRONGO!


That is warm streaming milk chocolate!  And mocha wafer cookies, and strawberries.   Not in foto:  pretzel rods, marshmallows, cherries, cookies, Ritz crackers with peanut butter inside, apples, various and sundry other candy items.

And yes, there was 'real food' - some of the best Pannini's & wraps from Mecca and since there are haters of chocolate, a carrot cake (a moist, delicious, 2 layer carrot cake) from STRACHAN'S (FAMOUS for homemade ICE CREAM) and cannoli and cookies from FELICE PORK STORE (when I miss NY I come here...).

And Michelle MADE this cake - she always has to go and impress the shit out of me:


What a co-inky-idink that these are her initials....Mary Kay... Hmmm.

Now, on to the baby shower.  Looks like I might be hosting over 70 peeps!  I needs a bigger home, a second fridge, more icy A/C, and some chairs for those asses, then everything will be just right.

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