Saturday, December 27, 2008

Latin nites! And more...

Last nite it was girlie girlz at the Tarpon Turtle for apps and beverages.  Well tonight it's 9-12 at Rungo for latin dancing.  Have a friend from out of town who may join us later and not sure how crowded it will be due to the holidays.

Right now I'm listening to Prince's "Erotic City" (check my playlist!)  thinking about tomorrow's holiday gathering.  I have 32 attending and a bevy of others who did not RSVP (hey, it's an open house so not necessary) that may drop by.  Yes, it gets a little crowded but everyone is having too much fun to notice.

The Champagne is chilling on the lanai ready to have corks-o-poppin in celebration of friends near and far.  Hope to have some photos to share with a recap tomorrow evening.

Right now it's off to dinner at Ban Thai!  Check me later!

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1 comment:

Jules said...

Love the Turtle! The view, the food, the! Happy New Year!