Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year!

IMG_0003  Well I did not find the time to take those party pictures as i'd hoped.  We had our first guests arrive shortly after 1 pm and our last guests leave after 8pm.  We had a great turnout, around thirty people came by to visit and celebrate.  We still manage to have some leftover snacks and a couple bottles of champagne so we are ready to ring 2009!

IMG_0004We are dismantling holiday decor and i am busy on Ebay while i have some leftover boxes.  Getting a jumpstart on my resolution to have a more streamlined life, purging the excess.  If there is anything you might need or want, i probably have 3 of it and can give you one (or two).

Now it's time to welcome all of the things that have never been before!

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