Wednesday, December 10, 2008

When I say New York City, I mean Manhattan

IMG_0045 Any NYer knows that, but people from outside the 5 boroughs (Brooklyn "Kings", Queens, Staten Island "Richmond", Da Bronx, and Manhattan) or the Tri-state area do not understand that distinction. Technically, when asked 'Are you from NYC, i could say yes - but i don't, I claim Brooklyn as home, although all my landmarks are gone and the sects of immigrants who inhabited the area there have changed and i know not a soul there any more. The VIP finds this affiliation strange, and i have no way to explain it other than to liken it as a well healed scar made in my formative years, forever a piece of my identity.

IMG_0042 That is where I've been and hopefully you have missed my absence deeply. I took a real vacation where you leave some technology behind and stay busy with the outside world and it's inhabitants and maybe, just maybe some of your faith in humanity is restored.

The NY of my youth is long gone. No panhandlers, no being groped by homeless people, no 3 card monte or other hustlers and cons, no chicken hawks or heroin users with their junk still in their arm while they are passed out on the street, no pepk shows or sex shops or XXX rated theatres (people don't have to leave home for that kind of thing any more), no being offered rolled joints (when it was illegal of have any pot on ones person). Times Square is so PC it is a virtual Disneyworld. I guess it is not all bad but it saddens me to travel our great country and see it all becoming one big stripmall.

This trip we did a variety of touristy things we never would have done when we lived in the area:


We stayed at the UNION SQUARE INN. Economy and Essentials in this walk up with no heat controls and convenient subway access.


We went to an office party at 1 Roc. Center to watch the tree lighting and all the pre-recorded pomp and circumstance of the Jonas Brothers.

Admired the cleanliness of reliable public transportation.


IMG_0030Had Daisy drive us around Central Park


Admired the holiday windows on 5th -Bergdorf's was the best, where inside the sales staff scoffed at my request for wool knee highs and informed me that they have not carried socks 'for years'.

Luckily I have a sense of style that endures unlike fashion trends, however high priced they might be. I no longer have to travel to NYC for a pair of Wolford tights, they are available right here in Tampa! SO SPARE ME THE ATTITUDE LADY...


but the real reason is right here!

a reunion with friends reunited after too many years thanks to the glory of facebook!

mostly old college friends


who came early and stayed late at DEWEY'S FLATIRON.


IMG_0088 IMG_0092

went to E#llis Island

Listened to street performers

Enjoyed all of Manhattan before moving on to BROOKLYN:

IMG_0123 IMG_0127


IMG_0134 IMG_0221




Jules said...

What an amazing time you had...and who said you can't go home again? I've done it many and many a time! Your pictures are so wonderous!

Roni Hunt said...

when you say sheepshead bay, you say me!!! actually my dad! Cathy-I didn't realize you were a brooklyn-chick! Although I should have known. I was born at St.Vincents on Manhattan Island...lived in Sheepshead Bay, and then Marine Park! ...until 1966. So, we have another connection! I remember all those things that now are missing from NYC! And the smells, the slice of pizza-and buying them from the window! Bus passes, not walking too close to the buildings, never talk to strangers, and Josie's Candy Store and Sidney's Candy Store...oh, and "Vinny, vien aqui!!!" being yelled from a 3rd floor window calling the Esposito kids in for dinner!
Love ya, chickie!