Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ebay account problems & SPAM emails

I have been victimized! 

Somehow someone got into my Ebay account on January 14-15th during Ebay's scheduled maintenance outage, and today I wake up to find umteen undeliverable emails returned to my account that were obviously NOT sent by me as I have NO interest in promoting the products sold.

I am hoping the intrusion stops here, and have changed things immediately to prevent any further compromise.  I personally apologize to you for the spam, and you should get an email from me explaining in more detail - thank you to those who called to let me know something was awry.

Ebay has been of no help and has not even bothered to respond to the emails sent.  Ever try their live chat?  I'm not sure exactly how long you have to wait for a connection and after trying multiple times I gave up.  Kind of a shame as I was actively bidding and selling at the time and I just love the idea of Ebay.

I write all this off to the fact that Mercury is in retrograde - whatever can go wrong usually does during this period and it won't be safe until February 4th...hang in there!


Palm Springs Savant said...

yes, my numerologist advised me that this would be a strange period!

Jules said...

Oh my...i sure hope this gets taken care of. I didn't get one of the spam mails from you. What a mess. YOu have my sympathy for sure.