Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I had an enjoyable day being a girlie girl with former Ms. Tampa, Guita ( so sorry - no photo - can you believe I missed recording the days events!)...

Arabic_Belly_Dancer_01 We met for lunch at the Mirage which serves Mediterranean Cuisine.  They have a lunch buffet 11-2:30 that provides a great sampling and you can enjoy the artistry of Belly Dancing on Fridays and Saturdays over dinner.

After stuffing ourselves like Dolmeh (grape leaves) we headed to Salon Allure for Guita to have her hair cut and styled by Jay

While she left looking fab I was left with a stinging sensation after being told "IT's TIME" to start dying my hair, that I was 'dating myself' (and I was left wondering, will I put out?)  and that he would have no part in continuing to cut my hair (an ultimatum!) because if he was going to do it ,it had to look good and he would not be responsible for my greys (Enough hair dude!  I had to correct him right then and there - THEY ARE NOT GREY... THEY ARE WHITE, so there!).

Well, I knew this day would come sooner or later.  So much for aging gracefully! 

I will let you in on the true root of his ire....he is unhappy with the photo on my priocallmer posting and doesn't feel it is a proper representation of his hotness factor (my words, he actually said something professional sounding about' the image he wanted to project' or some mumbo jumbo...).   So I did what any good friend would do.... offer to take some semi nude's and update for the photo on the post....CallMe...I have fresh batteries in the camera...

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rbazaar2 said...

Cathy Nelson (like my son Thomas would say!) you are hilarious!!!
I had a great girlie girl time too!
Don't let Jay get you down, he loves ya! And you look mahhhhhhhhhhvelous no matter what.