Wednesday, November 12, 2008

December Plans

Wow, I know it is not yet Thanksgiving, but the pace of the year end is picking up already, as it always does...only 40 something days till Christmas and less till Hannukah.
If you have company coming into town and are looking for something new and fun to do, let me tell you about December 14th at the Safety Harbor Spa:  Rungo Dance Academy is putting on a ballroom and latin dance show at 5 pm, and tickets are only $25.00 which also includes food and drink and a 45 minute private lesson in the studio.
I promise you will have a ton of fun and there are no high pressure sales tactics used.  This is a family run business that has been around for 8 years and just like any business they are always looking for customers - but they only want happy ones, so the atmosphere feels lighthearted and like you are with family (the family that you want to be with not the ones you avoid!).
Once again I find myself dateless and looking for company - I have a few tickets if you are interested and available!  Hope you can come, try something new, learn more about yourself and let me enjoy your company for an evening or two...


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