Sunday, November 2, 2008

What's your sign?

Remember that old pick up line?  Well some of you may find this entertaining, others may find it shockingly accurate!

I love the beginning of each month when I get a foreshadowing of all the opportunities that might present themselves in the coming days.  This month I am on pins and needles as Susan's posting for November is not yet available!

zodiac                   check it out: astrologyzone

then get back to me with a comment about what you thought - I'd love to hear from you!


Roni Hunt said...

helllooo!!!! Love the site! I'm a cancer and everything for october was spot on! Can't wait for November's read! miss ya and eventually i'll see ya at the rr!

Jules said...

Very good site...Gemini here! Hey, did you stop by my table at RR? Did you say, "Hey, Jules, it is me...W.O.T.E."?

Jules said...

Loved the that gal was you! and thanks for buying the rub ons...I do remember our conversation. So, when are we going to crop?

Jules said...

Hey there, I am teaching at the MS Crop for Hope in Sebring this weekend...we'll find a way soon. (