Sunday, November 23, 2008


It has been an ongoing effort to bring the VIP into fashion of the 20th century.  I am all about the T shirt and jeans but there is a time and place to kick it up a notch.  For years there have been 2 other notches - the polo shirt and khaki pants, or the sportscoat/suit. 

Now that the VIP is joining me on the dance floor, he needed to look a bit more 'nightlife' and we picked out some flat front pants last week and the following shirts this week - now we are good to go!  More party and less business...



IMG_0004 IMG_0005

IMG_0006 All this from a man who told me he did not like paisley!

It's also taken me over 10 years to convince him he looks better in a shirt that fits and got him to size down.  He is built lean and does not need the belly room many of the full cut shirts afford.

Now there will be no question that we are together when we step out on the town! 

Yowza, yowza, yowza!


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Jules said...

Great looking shirts. Will be at RR from about 10:30 am on Tues. in the crop room...come on by!

Palm Springs Savant said...

nuthin like a bit-o-fashun to git things goin! hope you kids have fun.