Wednesday, January 18, 2012

100 days of dance - 1-18-12

So I have not been posting of late as been recovering from a lingering cold that has zapped my energy but here is a recap of what I did manage to eek out:

Friday the 13th was not so scarey, I attended a social dance where the lesson taught was 'slow dance' and a surprising number of people turned out for the lesson which was an interesting amalgamation of elements of different dances that fit toghether nicely for slow, very, very, slow tempos where most people are rubbing bellys and swaying - now a group of people know how to do it in style and elegance!

Saturday the 14th I worked on some West Coast Swing and swear one of these days I am going to get beyond taking a lesson and make it to a social dance... I have the will but scheduling has been an issue. There are several local dances in our are dedicated to just WCS so I could spend a whole evening working on that. Sometime people are bored with the lack of variety but I never seem to mind a full evening os salsa or swing.

I took a private lesson and worked on my ChaCha technique, specifically rotating my ribcage for more dynamic action. I need to practice very slowly and for long periods to build the muscle memory, it seems to dissipate quickly and I am back to my rigid, ond habits.

That night I was planning on attending the Fuego 813 but got ditched at the last minute and was thinking maybe I should stay in and rest up as it is a bit of a drive to get to the once monthly social held at the Arthur Murray over on MacDill, and I did just that! Did not get out of bed till Monday night - did not even watch a dance video!

Monday night I did some salsa which I tried to beg off of but ended up having an enjoyable time and Tuesday felt better but not well enough for dancing. I will attempt today although feeling a lack of stamina. Everything is best once I am up and moving!

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