Monday, January 2, 2012

day 2:100 days of dance!

Day two of my 100 days of dance involved some one on one instruction and a group class with 7 others!

We reviewed an International Rumba routine where I am still challenged with a gold sequence of turns known as the 3 Threes in the DVIDA syllabus. Need to focus on my spotting in turns.

Reviewed a Jive routine that is new and cannot be danced to strict timing yet but getting closer. I am proud of how quickly I picked up the choreography. High knees! Need to add some shaping and styling.

Next covered the elements of of what will become a ChaCha routine - with timing changes! Exciting as this is the largest number of routines I have had in the can at one time, they are more complex, and I am adding more and more.

The group class was a drop in, meaning any one at any level can show up to join for $10 for an hour's instruction. It's a great way to go and try a dance and see if it is for you. Tonight was salsa, which is so popular in our area you can be out dancing 7 nights a week.

What will day 3 hold? A foxtrot routine! Hope it will be ready before Valentines Day.

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