Thursday, January 5, 2012

100 Days of Dance - Day 5

I was having an out of body experience during my dancing. My brain and body were not connected. This can be a good thing for those who are overthinkers...shutting off the censor can be freeing for the body.

Reviewed some routines and covered Silver Rumba - Me Likey! Very, very pretty patterns with some time changes from the DVIDA Syllabus. They offer excellent videos if you want to supplement your learning at home.

Soon to try and add arm movement and technique to ChaCha, as I almost have the routine down... a couple of transitions I just blank. One more thing to think about might just make it click!

Very excited about a bolero progressive class starting soon on Thursdays at 8. 6 hours for $70 is a great way to learn patterns and really know your footwork at value pricing.

This is a wonderful image by Jane Perez of JP Photografitti taken at Let's Dance FL LLC, 29121 US 19 N. Clearwater, FL 33761 of 2 of the instructors!

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