Saturday, April 25, 2009

Canoli Cookies - Delicious, made by hand in the USA

If you need a treat for your next party I can highly recommend these delicious treats!

I wish I had a photo because they are beautiful to look at.  Picture 2 almond flavored cookies, the consistency of a tender shortbread or pecan sandie, sandwiching the real deal - thick chocolate chippy canoli filling.  They are dusted with powdered sugar, showing they are freshly made, and placed into a white fluted paper cup - ready to be picked up by guests and consumed with delight!box o goodies

I profile the cookies because they are my fave - but you can have an assortment that includes carrot cake, chocolate ganache and more.

They are $1.25 each, 16 for $20.00 - your host/hostess will love you if you bring these, they are a sure way to get invited back!  To Order call 364-6487.

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Palm Springs Savant said...

I have SUCH a sweet tooth...cupcakes, candy, cookies, anything chocolate is what I need. I mean want.