Tuesday, April 28, 2009

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One product that I used to love was the Silken Hands kit. It was a body scrub, body wash, and an pink (very) emollient cream for your hands. Talk about silk.
have fun at your party.

Before mineral products, their eyeshadows and blushes had the best pigment ever!

I have comb. skin and I use the creamy cleanser. It is awesome and I can use it on my eyes and it removes my eye makeup. I also use the mineral powder foundation and it is the best !If you prefer an eye make-up remover it is excellent also.I also use and like the Ultimate mascara. Hope this helpful.

My sister gave me some Satin Lips a couple of months ago. I love this stuff!

My husband uses their Timewise lotion with SPF, it is very light.

They have a great eye makeup remover.

I haven't tried much but they have a hand scrub that is terrific...I can't remember the name of it....But it really is terrific.... Satin Hands? I think it's 4 pieces...but it's worth 
the money!!

You can't go wrong with the Satin Hands Collection

Love their Extra Gentle Cleansing Creme - it has been around forever and takes off anything (you have to ask for it). I also love their night creme for my hands and legs - yes- the bright orange stuff. Works great in the winter when I am so very dry. Their Timewise Cleanser is nice as well - I use it in the a.m.

I purchased their Coastal Colors eyeshadow palette, the one with green/brown/blue and the blue eyeliner... I love the eyeshadow palette - Also the vacation get-away set is really nice. I love the gloss in that little kit! Enjoy! I really would love to buy a large compact and fill it up...but I don't really need it! ha ha!!

I have used the TimeWise moisturizer (Normal to Dry) for the past 7 years as my nighttime moisturizer. I LOVE it...refuse to be without it!!!
I also love the lipglosses (similar to MAC, in my opinion)
You also can't go wrong with the satin lips kit or the cooling eye gel. These are also some of my faves!


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