Monday, April 13, 2009

If it's not two things it's a third...

My biggest little dog, Hobo, managed to break his toe.  I'm hoping that is all it was. 


He was out back, and I was in the office hooking up the printer when I hear him giving his 'Hmmm', which he does when he want my attention.  When I look outside I find he has somehow imprisoned himself inside the legs of one of the two the barstools under the kitchen pass thru window.  He is sitting there inside the legs and rungs, and can't get back out.  I almost went to take a photo it was so comical looking. 

I lifted the barstool up over him and expected him to dart off but he did not move.  I picked him up and sat him inside on the carpet and put the two others on beds, brought out a treat and he would not stand or move forward. Called the vet and they worked me in.  Gave me some pain pills and said they can buddy tape to a pallet but usually this annoys the dog more. 

He broke one of the center two toes which do the majority of the weight bearing, it's is broken on a diagonal clear thru but it is in perfect placement  -his hind left foot.  I guess he was jealous of the other two getting sick enough for peanut butter pills and he decided he need one also.  Thankfully it does not appear to involve his spine and I was concerned because he was not wanting to even stand on either foot.  Have to call tomorrow with a report.  For now he's on his bed rest!

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