Wednesday, July 16, 2008

HOT HOTTIE ALERT - Christian Bale


     I really admire his body of work - SERIOUSLY!  You have probably seen this dude in a bunch of things and not even known it was him, he is such a great actor that he is a chameleon and becomes the role - totally convincing. 

You might recognize him as Bruce Wayne, aka BATMAN.  He as interviewed on the TODAY show this week and gave the most in-depth character analysis into the mind of BATMAN that I was in awe... I mean who has ever delved that far into the psyche of a comic book character before?

YOWZA!  Body and the mind to match it...


Anna M-W said...

Christian Bale is HOT! I loved him in "American Psycho", too!

Roni Hunt said...

asdlfjaljf;aldjflad is all I can say!