Saturday, July 19, 2008

Swap & Crop

On Wedensday nite I headed to a favorite place: Ruban Rouge.  I brought 6 cards that looked like this: bee happy







And I left with cards that looked like this:flowerhi  tgiv









Thursday I spent the entire day re-watching season one of NIP/TUCK.  It's been a LONG time since I have wasted a day on TV and I must say I REALLY ENJOYED IT.  My big outing was to the mailbox that day.  Nothing too interesting to blog about.

Friday was quite busy.  PILATES in the morning, followed by a trip to the Post Office to mail off EBAY items sold and GET THEM OUT OF MY HOUSE....amazing thing, there is a buyer for anything somewhere.  Tried to get some work done but my FIOS was not so fast.  Home maintenance with the Gerry my pest controller and a trip to the second house at Highland Lakes, where we are trying to get a tenant.  Pulled some weeds, checked that all is well then off to the Clubhouse to find our postcard Ad was removed.  NO WONDER NO ONE IS CALLING!  Into the office to pick up some paperwork, home to the dogs, then off to the CROP. 

The CROP ROOM is a few doors down from the SHOP in the same plaza. Also in the plaza between the CROP and the SHOP there is a bar named 'BJ's' which can give you an idea as to the clientele who frequent it by the name alone.  Here in FL our smoking ban applies to businesses based on the amount of food served - so establishments that are primarily focused on your liquid nourishment are excluded.  I don't know if BJ's permits smoking inside or not, as there are always stragglers out front puffing and jabbering on their cell phones.  On this particular nite, I was stopped enroute from the crop to the shop by a youngster of the male persuasion who is out front having a drag.  He says: Hey, you should come in here.  There are no women in here and you look like a REAL WOMAN. 

The way he emphasized this was not like "AY CHIWaWa, you look like REAL WOMAN", but more like "Your adam's apple looks small enough to tell me that although you could pass for a DRAG QUEEN I can see that you are a REAL WOMAN."

I said:  Yes, I am indeed a REAL WOMAN.  So it's a real sausage party in there?   He proceeded to offer to buy me a drink:  Wouldn't you like a glass of wine?     - FATALITY- ( I drink Bourbon) -FINISH HIM!          

I assured him that there is Wine O' Plenty available at the CROP and he took it like a REAL MAN:  "OK, maybe some other time, give me a HIGH FIVE".

Oh these minor leaguers!  I do feel badly, as I understand their motivation.  They want to say "HELLO" but all that is going thru their brain when they look at you and  think about saying "HELLO" is "SAYSOMETHING, SAYSOMETHING, SAYSOMETHING"  and out comes something other than 'Hello' (which would have worked much better -try it for a change if you want to move off the farm team). 

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Anna M-W said...

Your card is really cute! Maybe I need to come to Wednesday's QK class!

I love Nip/Tuck! I think this past season was a great one with the crazy agent.

You are such a heartbreaker! I'm sure the guy from BJs went home with a bruised ego. LOL!