Saturday, July 19, 2008


Ever hear of TQ's?  Things that in context sound really funny when repeated out of context.  Here are some for laughs:

'When you are going for the money shot'  (TMJ in photography class, and no she is not X rated and could not figure out why Anna and I thought our Hubbys would have been interested in today's class!  Today's class was full of goodies, like the toddler opening her gift of 'furry berriers')

Overheard at the CROP last week:

Did you know Queen Latifah is a lesbian?                                                                        

Yes, I knew that - she drives a truck.

Uh, I drive a truck....

Well, how big is it?

(Who knew size mattered when it came to lesbians?)

1 comment:

Anna M-W said...

I had such a great time today!

WTF about the correlation with trucks and lesbians?