Saturday, July 12, 2008

Rave of the Day: Theresa Marie Jasper


When I find something GOOD i just love to share it. 

That used to happen 'old school', which for someone my age meant emailing a select group of contacts about my FAVE!  and perhaps gifiting an even selecter group (Yes, I know selecter is not a word, get usta it, this is a blog - a form of self expression - not a dictionary!) the product/service.

The I had the 'Aha' moment that Oprah is always talking about - why not just start the blog to share all my FAVES with a wider audience???  Yes, there is a full realization that the audience reading this blog may well be SMALLER than my email contacts list, but what the hay.

Theresa is a self-described LIFE ARTIST, and I am all about the ART.  I met her thru the Rouge (Ruban Rouge, another FAVE!, see my BLOG LIST) where i am a SELF-PROCLAIMED AMBASSADOR, just love it SO. 

So Theresa is a photographer who uses natural light and outdoor settings to capture the spirit of her subjects, though she also does fantabulous events - check out her work and you will wanna have her take a pictire or or for you soon!

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