Monday, July 21, 2008

Why People Hate Smokers

cigs  Doesn't every auto manufacturer's vehicle include an ashtray?  I think it is only the rental car companies who have stopped including them as standard equipment, so why then is it necessary to toss each flaming butt to the ground wherever they happen to be at the moment?  Probably because they cannot stand the ash flying around the interior of their autos.  Pollute your lungs and the environment.  Ever kiss a smoker?  YUK.

Havta see what Anna might say, I just found out she is a member of the MOD squad (Merchants of Death, Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms - from the hilarious movie "Thank You For Smoking".

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1 comment:

Anna M-W said...

Yes, while I do work for PM. I am not a huge fan of smokers, either.

In general, I hate people who litter!