Tuesday, July 15, 2008

RAVE! of the day - Naughty Codes!


Scent of a Woman Well, it is Monday and time to be hard at work for most of us earning that dollar. iIf you are an ONLINE SHOPPER, this is THE SITE FOR YOU!

There are similar sites but I never needed to use them because Naughty Codes has always had the best deal.

Before any online purchase I check out Naughty Codes and VOILA!  Free Shipping, or a % off what I was already going to buy anyway, thank you very much.  Now, I know you are doing your best to help our "sagging economy" - start shopping


Anna M-W said...

Oooh...thanks for the heads up!

Roni Hunt said...

I'm with AMW on this one! Thanks for the heads up!!