Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A cup

No, that's not a reference to bra size, this posting  is a wee too early in the a.m. for me to start being clever (check back later).

I start my day today with a cup or more precisely, a pot of adagio's chestnut tea.

IMG_0001 IMG_0002 And you readers and lurkers know I love to share a good thing when I find it, so today, in celebration of the fact I have been spared the fate of Stormy Fay I am sending a random RAK!

To be selected you MUST COMMENT (and include your email address or check back to see if you have won and contact me with your mailing info) and you may be the lucky winner of a teapot/cup for one and your own adagio tea.  I will announce the winner at next posting, have to find a box for shipping around here somewhere!  Good luck!

While we are on the topic of tea, if you are in the area you might want to pay a visit to Safety Harbor's Main Street Tea House.  I don't go often enough and simply adore their Blue Lady tea.  Strawberry, Kiwi and Coconut flavors that do not overfruit the tea are blended into a smooth, subtle, tropical tea.  The loose tea contains bits of blue delphinium, so lovely to look at.  What's your favorite cup?

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Anna M-W said...

One more thing on our list that we need to do...we need to go to tea! I love love love scones and the clotted cream!