Tuesday, August 12, 2008


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Facebook, Facebook, Facebook...Where have you been all my life and why didn't I meet you sooner?

You have ruined me for all others, seduced me away from my blog (we had a good thing going - why tempt me to ruin?), caused me sleepless nights, compelled me to tell you all my secrets, share my past lives, go places I never thought I'd go again. You are consuming my life, leaving little time for the other hobbies. They are feeling jealous, neglected and I am feeling guilty. You have fed my compulsions, stripped me of my inhibitions, and left me begging for my next fix.

Yes, Facebook, you are my Heroin. But my addiction is not the worst of it. You have degraded me to the point that I am actively luring others for you to have your way with them.

You are my pimp and I am your 'Ho. You are so irresistible that I don't mind sharing you with the others. You always make me feel like I am your one and only when we are together. Facebook, I love you....


Anna M-W said...

It isn't just awful...I am so addicted.

Did you see DC changed his picture back? I love him.

Anna M-W said...

Dude...you can blog on Facebook!

I am going to!


I forced my sister to join!