Thursday, August 28, 2008


Once again I remain under the unbroken spell of Stephanie Meyers. I could almost take away one star for not sharing more of Edward Cullen in this book, and for the foreshadowing she is so talented at building that almost certainly hint at disaster, that will leave me broken and crying out "WHY, BELLA, WHY?".
It's taken the reading of 3 novels to figure the allure these books hold over me - they conqur my heart, not my head. Usually I like to be more involved in thinking when I am reading a book or watching a movie, but Mrs. Meyers writing enables me to surrender completely and read (like a vampire,) voraciously and always feeling hungry for more.
I do not understand the Edward haters. Yes sometimes he is over protective, that seems to be his worst flaw. And the Jacob lovers, falling for the perennial 'nice guy'? I'll be starting the next book Friday - can't wait!

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