Friday, August 22, 2008


I have heard that this compulsion is shared by those who are of above average intelligence, and I take some solace in that.  They (and by 'they' I mean 'me') cannot let go of items, things that others may regard as trash, because they see too much possibility in the thing - they have a desire for the thing to be reincarnated and maintain it's usefulness and beauty.

I (Oops, I mean 'they') could blame genetics or learned behavior in those ever important early years, but whatever the root cause, perhaps it's not such a bad thing? 

Okay, Okay, so every once in awhile the VIP has to become the human beat box  and play a few bars ("Ba-Ba-BaDa") from the theme to Sanford & Son to give me a reality check and a proper illustration into how insane my logic for keeping some item might be at any given moment.

With that being said, I unveil one of my latest creations - a coffee can - ready to hold a plant or a bunch of goodies....ready to rise for whatever the occasion calls for.  Is this disease contagious?  (Maybe I need to consult Dr. Wang.)



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Palm Springs Savant said...

as long as you don't have to a) move into a larger place because you filled it up with stuff, b) have trouble finding your keys under allthe stuff, or c) can't invite anyone over to visit because there is noplace to sit, you are probably OK with the hoarding habit. This from a man who has 6 years of Architectural Digest magaznes saved...