Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Making Jewelry

Awhile back for my birthday, my friend Michele brought back this hand beaded neclace from her trip to Ga:
I really was surprised and I do love it so, and get a ton of compliments on it. The large pillow shaped beads are unachite and they are spearated by some bali beads and crystals.

My mother has been visiting for approximatly 2 weeks vacation and she decided that she wanted to learn more about beading to repurpose some of her things she already owns and would wear again if they were redesigned so, we took a class at Dunedin Beads.

It is a TINY shop with a HUGE assortment and a FRIENDLY and TALENTED STAFF. They have things they have made available for sale if you are helpless when it comes to stringing a bead. They have different styles. The class was $20.00 and the owner reviewed everything with us, which was a real money saver as she focused on what you really need and what you can do without. You get to pick your project.

My mother made this bone and stone (looks like turc. but is not) bracelet... This shows the cool toggle, one of many choices at the shop.

This is the 'front' of the bracelet - really cool carved bone!

I bought these beads and crystals to add to the hoops I had at home, they match the neclace, which matches the bracelet I also made that matches the neclace perfectly! This was a very neat way to spend the day. If you know someone who likes jewels you could give them a certificate for the class or take em out for the day. You make an appointment for individual instruction.

I also made a second set of earrings to go with a fish necklace I had just picked up. Very simple to do.
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Anna M-W said...

Please tell me that is a close up of your earrings...otherwise...ow!!!

So glad your mother is having a good time! Cute stuff you guys made!

You are so cute with your Jeff Garcia comments. I'm not nice like you, his wife is a GOLD DIGGER!!!

I hope to see you soon!