Sunday, August 3, 2008

Kick it 'Old Skool'?

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I am so into all the things that are out right now that remind me of the old school tattoos.  That's why I had to have these earrings:heartbreaker

They are GInormous, like a jinlgly ghetto girl would wear.  So let's hear from you about your tats.  Me?  Always wanted one but could never commit to what/where and after watching seasons of mastery of Chris Garner on INKD thought I would stop stalling and make the commitment this year before any more time passed. Lots of friends advised me against it, saying did I want to be 90 and have some old illegible tat? (Well YES, but they are thinking of REAL OLD tats that navy sailors got when they were 18 when on a weekend pass bender that were done too deep and left to bake in the sun too long). As I looked around, I was seeing more and more 'old people' getting fresh and colored and sizable tats.  It suddenly seemed 'trendy' to have a tattoo, and not taboo, so I guess that helped me  to get over it.  Besides, the VIP prefers counting my freckles.  So let's hear from you - any tats? 

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Anna M-W said...

Are you going to get a tramp stamp?

Those earrings are fab!!!